Bonnie & Jeremy’s Global Engagement Session

Aug 7 2012

Bonnie and Jeremy have to be one of the most active and adventurous couples on the planet–perhaps it’s because they are both active duty officers and pilots for the United States Navy!

Since their occupation has brought them all over the world, Bonnie and Jeremy have decided to go with a “passport” style theme to their wedding. It was only natural for them to select their favorite photos from traveling here and abroad. Enjoy this terrific couple, their international photo diary, and Bonnie’s infectious smile and sense of humor.

via Bonnie

“We opted to not hire a formal photographer for our Save the Date. Credit for the pictures goes to friends, family, Jeremy’s long arms, and the ever-essential timer function on my Canon Xsi DLSR camera.



{Bonnie & Jeremy personalized “Photo CollectionSave the Date Magnet-a great multi-photo option for their many travels.}


Wedding Style: Beach Formal 
A “passport” holder’s treasure hunt. We have been working diligently on our very own “passport” invitation for our guests and decided to make a theme of it for our wedding and any related activities. Everything is going to involve a “visa” stamp for our “passport”.  I can’t give everything away yet, but we will be making good use of all the places Jeremy and I have been since we met each other in the {small, island country of} Bahrain. All-in-all our wedding will be beach formal with an emphasis on FUN!

Wedding Colors: To be determined.
I’m not the girl who dreamt about her wedding since she was a child, so picking colors has been a bit of a challenge.  I love purple and am hoping to fit it in somehow. Who knows, we might end up with fuchsia or royal blue by the end of this process. I’ve also empowered my amazing bridesmaids to be a part of the process and let me know if they find a dress and/or color they really like.

Locations for the photos on your Save the Date
Global! The main picture was taken at Hornet Ball 2011 in Visalia, CA.  The lower three were (left to right) the Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, Denmark, The Palazzo Atrium in Las Vegas (post Rock and Roll Half Marathon, the night of our engagement), and Stockholm, Sweden. We toyed with using a photo from our first date which was taken on a kayaking tour we went on with Jeremy’s squadron in Patong, Thailand, but it was too bright for the template we chose.


and now for some desktop travels …

large photo on left: Kjosfossen Waterfall, Norway: This was a stop on the Flam Railway part of the tour. We were in a bit of a hurry with this shot to avoid missing our train! There is a lot of folklore associated with this specific site.

top right: Yosemite National Park, CA: With Jeremy living so close to Yosemite he made this our first exploration on my first visit to see him. This was taken near Vernal Falls.

bottom right: A small archery tournament in the medieval town of Tallinn, Estonia: Jeremy vs. Bonnie.



top left: gorgeous rainbow off the ship
top right: A shot from the docks of Bergen, Norway.
bottom left: Night shot from a stroll through Copenhagen, Denmark
bottom right: Tivoli Gardens {Copenhagen} at night.



top left: Phuket, Thailand and our first date–a kayaking tour in the Malacca Strait north of Phuket.
top right:  This is on the Norway in a Nutshell tour from Bergen to Oslo.
bottom left: From the top of a peak looking down on Bergen, Norway
bottom right: Lake Tahoe. We ended up using it in our passport invitation.



top left/bottom right: JEREMY PROPOSES in Las Vegas, NV after Jeremy’s first and last half marathon. As our story goes, he chased me down 13.1 miles to ask me to marry him!

top right: Walking Bergen, Norway this day and on the opposite side of the wharf from UNESCO’s World Heritage site Bryggen.

bottom left: Jeremy’s birthday surprise!  This was no small feat since I got the cake flown out to the ship while we were underway off the coast of San Diego.  It required me pulling a lot of strings and owing some big favors to our C-2 pilots (Carrier Onboard Delivery, COD) who were gracious enough to bring it out with them on a parts/personnel run they had made.  Needless to say, he was shocked and awed.


Bonnie’s special words of praise for family and friends …

Friends and Family, we can’t thank you enough for honoring our never-ending request for you to take pictures of us.  We are in some serious photo-karma debt to you and a lot of random people we’ve met along our travels!


Our words to Bonnie and Jeremy …

Thanks for sharing your travels, your engagement, your story! And thanks also for your service! Most of us have no idea the sacrifices our military couples make. Bonnie and Jeremy–you make it look so easy! Take care you two. We invite you back to showcase your beach, formal, fun, passport style wedding of yours!


Any military couples reading today? We’d love to hear from you too!




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