Minneapolis Engagement Session: Jennie & Brian

Feb 21 2012

Mixing modern with historic, Jennie and Brian opted to have their engagement session along the historic Mississippi Riverfront in the heart of Minneapolis. With panoramic views of the city, Jennie & Brian’s urban rendezvous delivers on all counts of creativity, texture, style and color. This fantastic area of Minneapolis is also home to the new and ultra-modern Guthrie Theater and Gold Medal Park, as well as The Mill City Museum and the Stone Arch Bridge–a national landmark. Read along as our groom-to-be Brian shares the details of the day.

Save the Date Magnet

Why did you & Jennie choose this part of Minneapolis?
We chose the area of Gold Medal Park, the Guthrie Theater, Mill City Museum, and the river with the Stone Arch Bridge for a couple of reasons. 1) There is a lot of variety within a small geographical area here–in terms of outdoor shots with interesting things far in the distance, or close to you in terms of types of walls, etc. And, the indoor shots at the Guthrie offer a lot of different looking rooms. It’s also free to walk around inside. 2) Since it was a little late in fall, Gold Medal Park was great because they were continuing to use the sprinklers, so the grass there was still green and the trees still had bright leaves.

Photographer: Mike Jorgensen of 1012 Photography.
Save the Date Postcard: MagnetStreet Weddings  The design: “A Sophistication of stripes and lace


How did it feel to be in front of the camera for your engagement session?
This was our first time, so we didn’t know what to expect. But you can kind-of tell by the progression of the shots that we became more and more comfortable as the shoot went on. It was fun, though, and I think we’re both really looking forward to the wedding photos now.

How was it to work with Mike Jorgensen, your photographer?
Mike was a pleasure to work with and very open to our ideas, but when we would ask him to make the call using his professional opinion–he did a great job in those cases too. It was a nice, collaborative time with him and we really did like the end result!

Medal Park

Minneapolis engagement idea

Minneapolis engagement

Minneapolis engagement session

Minneapolis Guthrie engagement

Minneapolis Guthrie engagement photos

So, which photos did you and Jennie end up liking the best?

We tend to use the one where we’re both looking into the camera (with the Guthrie in the background) a lot, mainly because it ended up being the only one where we were doing that and sometimes you need a picture where you’re looking back at people.

But for all cool scenery options we had available to us, it was funny that our favorite pictures ended up being the ones where it’s just us sitting in the field of tall brown grass!

Minneapolis engagement session

Wow, what a great area for an engagement session and a beautiful rendering of Minneapolis! We love all the shots–and the silhouettes from inside the theater overlooking the city are especially fun! Congratulations! Thanks Jennie & Brian for sharing your day with us.

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  1. These are so great! I really like the photos where they are just hanging out at the bar having a cocktail, just candid and real.

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