Color Monday: Spring Mint

Apr 1 2013

It’s Color Monday–the day we devote to showcasing the difference color can make on any given design.Today, we’re focusing on one of the most popular wedding colors: mint!

Mint certainly is a wonderful color for spring. It is a nice cool green that reminds us of both the cooler temperatures of the season as well as the greenery to come with warmer temps. Mint is a perfect spring wedding color! Let’s see how three wedding invitations are influenced by this lovely shade of green. In our color palette, the best color to use is celadon. So let’s get started….




A fun way to use mint, is to pair it with a warm hue such as carrot orange here. The combo is fresh and clean for a spring wedding. Mint and carrot lighten up the Wisteria Whisper Wedding Invitation design and transform it into a perfect spring invitation. As a pastel, mint pairs well with other sweet tones such as: coral, butter yellow, carnation pink and peach. Mint lends itself to a more masculine tone–which  is also important when choosing your wedding colors.





Mint is a versatile color and can easily be paired to achieve other looks. For instance, its muted tone relates well to the vintage looks we’re seeing right now. Paired with another popular hue–charcoal gray–mint transforms the Traditional Damask Wedding Invitation design into a subtle nod to art deco styles–especially with the wonderful fonts that are showcased here. The design of this invitation can go both ways. By itself, the invitation is not overly vintage or art deco; few guests would identify the relationship. But this invitation design can be just the beginning of your theme, followed up with other vintage elements to support the look you’re going for.





Mint can also freshen the look of other wedding themes. The Mod Peacock Wedding Invitation design is revolutionized from the “normal” peacock tones into something truly unique. This is a great way to alter a themed wedding invitation. Since the design of the invite conveys the theme, the colors can change to whatever you like! Set as the background, mint is used to create a unique Peacock Wedding Invitation!


It turns out mint is a pretty versatile color that will pair well with many different invitations.
Lending its soft tone to any situation, mint might be the color for you.

Give mint a try on your invitation!
Do you love it?



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