What Does a Modern Wedding Invitation Look Like?

Don't you just love the freedom found in the look and feel of modern wedding invitations? We sure do. Personality and playfulness is allowed to shine through when there isn't a set of stringent rules in wording or color to follow. I've received 3 wedding invitations recently {yes, MagnetStreet designs}. All three are unique--from color and design, to enclosures, fonts and wording--each suite is a sweet reflection of the couple. It was fun to see their personalities translated in their wedding invitations!

Put a modern spin on traditional wording

Be encouraged to give traditional wording an updated look on your wedding invitations! Fun opening wording or an unexpected text placement adds personality that encourages guests to pore over every detail. Through color, design, and unique wording, you'll be able to share your flare in the style and spirit of your wedding.

Every invitation needs these 5 elements:

  • invitee or host{s}
  • who's getting married
  • time
  • date
  • location

Modern Tea-length Wedding Invitation and Holder from MagnetStreet

Love Airways Tea-length Wedding Invitation + Invitation Holder


Tips for traditional wedding invitation wording

  • Use third-person wording
  • Be consistent with spelling:  honour | favour vs. honor | favor
  • Use Roman numerals in names (instead of second or 2nd): John Merril II
  • Avoid abbreviations

Spell out days, dates, times, addresses and titles:

  • Saturday, the twenty-third of July
  • Two thousand fifteen
  • at two o’clock in the afternoon
  • Doctor David Johnson
  • street, boulevard, avenue

How are you putting a modern spin on your wedding invitations?

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