Mother of the Bride Duties

Props for moms everywhere! What would we do without them ... Most moms I know are amazing, self-sacrificing and would do anything for their daughters. They're typically faster than speeding bullets, more powerful than locomotives and able to leap wedding outlets in a single bound. Personally, I cannot wait to someday become the mother of the bride, taking on the mother of the bride duties. I'll be helpful, wipe tears, clean up messes, make phone calls and tap into years of experience and common sense. I'll be there for her each step of the way, doing my best to take on a supportive role and let her make the decisions. It's going to be exhausting. It's going to be amazing!

Every mother-daughter relationship is different but generally speaking, here are the
Top 4 areas for Mother of the Bride Duties:

1. Finding THE dress - requires the stamina of a 1000 horses. You may want to start marathon training now.
2. Selecting the venues - help her choose the right spaces based on her wedding style, budget etc. Your sharp listening and interviewing skills will definitely come in handy during this time.
3. Managing the guest list - This is a beast that needs taming. Your negotiating and organizing abilities will be worth their weight in gold.
4. Attire - Your daughter will ensure you look terrific. Let the bride choose the style and the look she wants for you. When you're set on your look, call the groom's mom and let her in on your colors and style.

  • Help as needed - This area is sort of ad hoc. You might be called on to help plan a shower, make phone calls, etc.

mother of the bride dresses

What did I miss? Please share your advice in the comments.

images: Mother of the bride dresses via Nordstroms


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Superb Dresses there. Are they a part of spring or summer collection?

Aden- Couldn't tell, but the dresses are from the Mother of the Bride head-to-toe collection. I agree though- superb! Thanks!

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