New! Personalized Water Bottle Labels

New! Personalized Water Bottle Labels!

  • Printed on durable, waterproof vinyl
  • Strong, self-adhesive backing (peel & stick)
  • Designed to fit standard water bottle size (16.9 oz)

Love stickers? Who doesn't?! Personalized Water Bottle Labels present another opportunity to feed the "peel & stick" obsession and round out your wedding theme at the same time! Printed with your wedding colors, fonts, and photos, personalized Water Bottle Labels can turn your bottle into a cool and refreshing alternative to an otherwise bland beverage.

Great for any style party {engagement, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception} why not request free samples to see how you can wrap your mind around using personalized Water Bottle Labels for your beverages.

personalized water bottle label


Rustic Peacock is the design on this particular water bottle label. This vibrant, gorgeous design is available across all of our stationery offerings ... please, check out the entire design theme for Rustic Peacock.




Cute! :D What a great idea. :)

Thank you for sharing these, they were super cute and elegant.

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