New! Standard Size Save the Date Postcards

Jan 31 2013

Postcards are inherently fun! Usually they’re sent from out of the ordinary places and from people you care about.  Enter our NEW! Save the Date Postcard size. At 4″x 5.6″ they mail at the USPS Postcard rate–which makes them wonderfully affordable!

  • Mails at USPS Postcard rate
  • Printed on durable cardstock
  • Fully personalized on both sides
  • Request Free Samples

{By the way, did you know that you can now get a customized color palette? Yes, printed in your wedding colors, and sent to you in a sweet package–all for free! Check it out.}

Here are 3 of our most popular Save the Date Postcard designs:

Devoted Save the Date Postcard

The Devoted design has broad appeal–the large photo allows you to showcase your favorite shot and share with family and friends in a bold, modern way. The wedding date display is super fun too!

   Save the Date Postcard-devoted



Romantic Ruche Save the Date Postcard

In the same bold photo style, Romantic Ruche offers a slightly more romantic feel with the soft and delicate flourish at the end of the ribbon strip. A colored or sepia image would look great too–and remember, you can change the ribbon to any color you’d like using Design Studio–our online editing tool.

Save the Date postcard-romantic-ruche



Enchanted Encounter Save the Date Postcard

Drawing your eye and giving structure to the popular multi-photo design is the band and bracket which encapsulates your names and wedding date. The only thing difficult about this design is choosing 4 of your favorite photos!

Save the Date Postcard-enchanted-encounter


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