New! Wedding Favor Boxes & More

Want to take a guess as to why we're doing a happy dance right now?

Well, if you guessed that we've just debuted our Wedding Favors today--you will have guessed right! I'll give you the sneak peek but then you'll have to drop by MagnetStreet and see the Favors in dozens of designs for yourself. We've got rectangle and square Favor Boxes, custom Labels for Boxes, sheer Organza Bags and custom Gift Tags.

Personalized Favor Boxes: {3 sizes} From top to bottom and side to side, our Favor Boxes can be completely personalized with your colors, photos, fonts and wording! Yes--you can get these Boxes personalized in any colors you want! Revolutionary!

White Favor Boxes with custom Labels:  Add a seal of distinction to the Box of your choice--in the colors, photos, fonts and wording of your choice!

Organza Bags: Available in 22 of the most beautiful colors--from neutral to pastel to jewel-toned, these lovelies pop with color and personality.

Personalized Gift Tags: Completely irresistible ... personalized gift tags in your colors, photos, fonts, and special wording add yet another level of charm and intimacy to your gift.

Wedding Favor Boxes: Available in square and rectangle shapes and in 3 popular sizes.

White Favor Boxes with Custom Labels: All these Labels need is a personalized touch from you, with your colors, photos, fonts and wording.



Personalized Gift Tags: Elegant, fun and absolutely personal. Personalize with your colors, photo, font and wording.

Sheer Organza Bags: Available in 22 gorgeous colors.


Of course, we still have our very popular Wedding Favor Memo Boards to browse as well--all completely customizable with your colors, photos, fonts and wording.

MagnetStreet is an exciting place to be today--come on over and see what all this fuss over Favors is about! In fact, request FREE SAMPLES of our new Favors and see the difference.

Which is your favorite Favor idea?


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