Gorgeous Mountain Engagement Shoot

Sep 17 2013

Kimberly and Nate’s mountain engagement shoot along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, North Carolina is jaw-dropping gorgeous. It’s obvious that Kimberly and Nate love the outdoors and certainly each other–they seem so happy and natural in this mountainous setting! Thanks Fletcher & Fletcher Photography for this vibrant love shoot in the hills!

Like Nate and Kimberly–do you have a ton of gorgeous engagement photos? And if you’re trying to narrow down your choices to use on your save the date–here are 4 areas of consideration.

On Choosing Your Save the Date Photos

4 Areas to Consider:

1. Getting Engaged
What kind of immediate connection do you want to make with your photo? From scenery to self, there are many ways to engage your guests with your photo{s}. Here, Nate and Kimberly are up close, in the center of the photo, and looking straight at us–they have our full attention. Looking comfortable in their position, their beautiful smiles draw us to themselves in a very nice, inviting way. If they were looking away from the camera, or if there was more scenery showing, we’d have a different feeling altogether.

Ask yourselves: How do we want to engage our guests? Through scenery, ourselves, surroundings, etc.

North Carolina mountain engagement session by Fletcher and Fletcher Photography


2. Sharing your Flair
As you look through your engagement photos, pick out the ones that seem to do the best job at communicating who you are as a couple–your unique style and personality.  In this photo, Nate and Kimberly are still the focus, but we’re drawn in to the gorgeous surroundings, too. The focus is still on them but in a bigger, broader way. Kimberly and Nate are sharing their flair for the great outdoors. Choose the photos that best represent your style and your personality.

Ask yourselves: Which photos best showcase our life and personality as a couple?

North Carolina mountain engagement photos


3. Depicting the Details!
From body language to the tiny surrounding elements, the smallest of details can have a big impact. Details tell another part of the story. For instance, look at the way Kimberly has her hand on Nate’s leg. It’s an affectionate gesture and we can’t help but notice its sweetness. Small gestures, body language, eye contact all communicate different things.

Ask yourselves: What details do we want to communicate?

North Carolina engagement session

Detail Ideas for Personalizing a Multi-Photo Save the Date:

When you’re in the background
With Nate and Kimberly in the background, we’re paying attention to the overall look and feel of the session and the rustic area.

When you’re in the foreground
With Nate and Kimberly in the foreground, we’re noticing them more … their expressive posture, Kimberly’s cowboy boots, whimsical wildflowers… It’s a fun and romantic moment–and we’re drawn in!

Blue Ridge Parkway NC  engagement photos


4. Getting the Bigger Picture
Maybe you don’t want all the attention on you. Maybe you want to tell a bigger story or give a bigger picture with your photo! What state of feeling do you want your guests to be swept away with … excitement, romance, drama, travel? Drum up those emotions with a beautiful, panoramic photo of the locale, venue, landscape, etc.

Ask yourselves: What kind of emotion do we want our guests to feel?

Blue Ridge Parkway NC  engagement photos


4. What’s the Focus?
Perhaps at this point, you simply want your guests to remember your wedding date! Your wedding date should be the focus. Here, Nate and Kimberly aren’t looking at us in this shot. Sure, they’re cute and all, but our attention is being pulled to that adorable DIY save the date banner–and their wedding date.

DIY save the date banner

Cute. Romantic. Fun. And still–the focus is on their wedding date.

Save the Date banner by Fletcher and Fletcher Photography


So, which comes first … the design or the photo?
It depends. Sometimes you just know–especially after you’ve thought through the considerations of how you want to engage your guests, the most important details,  where you want the focus to be, and what kind of emotion you want your guests to feel when they receive your Save the Date. Whichever you fall in love with first–your photo or your save the date design, no worries! Every design at MagnetStreet is totally customizable. You can adjust the colors and fonts to really get the exact look and feel you’re going for anyways!

Tell us, which consideration is most important to you?

Browse One Photo Save the Dates.
Browse Multi-photo Save the Dates.

NC mountain engagement photos

Blue Ridge Parkway NC engagement photos

Congratulations Nate and Kimberly!


Photographer:  Fletcher & Fletcher Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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