On Writing Thank Yous

Jul 13 2010

Clearly hand-writing notes is walking the same path as the rotary phone but I contend that a handwritten note goes a long way for the recipient. Always has. Always will. A handwritten note translates to “I am taking time for you… no matter how busy I am.”

I know there is software that allows you to “write by hand” and that is surely cool enough … but just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should. Hopefully, you and I are not that busy that we can’t take up pen and go forth with our thoughts and sentiments.  Hopefully.

Well, as old school as this sounds, I am suggesting that you actually take up pen~ especially with your Thank You notes and specifically here, your wedding Thank Yous.

Forever Yours wedding thank you

The PC of writing Wedding Thank You Notes

Keep it sincere and without spelling and grammar errors. Both bride and groom should share in writing the Thank Yous. If you think your handwriting is atrocious, simple take your time. {harsh, I know}. Everyone who sent a gift should receive a Thank You. Consider writing Thank Yous to those who gave exceptional service as well… your wedding vendors.  And, how about writing special Thank Yous to your MOH, BM, Officiate, Parents…

When to Send As soon as possible… of course this is a matter of opinion but I agree~ within 2 weeks of receiving the gift and up to 1 month after the honeymoon.

What to Say Mention the gift and say something “nice” and how you will use it.  Acknowledge any special effort on the part of the giver: i.e. perhaps they traveled to your wedding. No need to mention it if the gift came damaged- try to just take care of the problem with the store yourself


  • Use your guest list with addresses intact and have it with you at “gift opening” so you can jot down the gift next to the giver
  • Keep meticulous record of WHO gave WHAT
  • Find a comfortable place to write
  • Use a high quality pen
  • Make a plan of how many notes you want written each day and then stick to it (i.e. 10 each weekday and 20 on the weekend)
  • Coordinate your Thank Yous with the rest of your wedding stationery
  • Order extras…

Thank You Card image: from the Forever Yours ensemble from MagnetStreet Weddings

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4 thoughts on “On Writing Thank Yous

  1. Can’t wait to get my thank you notes! I need to write quite a few…so thanks for the tips!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I always cringe inside when someone asks me if it is acceptable to send their thank-yous via email. If people were gracious enough to take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with us, to shop for and purchase a gift for us, then I beleive we as recipients should be gracious enough to send a heart-felt, hand-written thank you note.

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