Advice for the Groom

Mar 8 2012

How to choose your groomsmen: • Choosing a brother is a given. Your fiancée may want her brother(s) to be involved as well. • Think of your life-long friends after that. • Cousins should also be considered. • If you...
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The Beauty of Black & White Photography

Jan 26 2012

We’re loving black and white wedding photography, and how talented photographers are able to showcase the personalities and emotions of their couples–while bringing out the textures in the shot. And all without color. When most people think of black and...
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5 Cool Benefits of a Winter Wedding

Jan 20 2012

Happy Friday! How’s the weather where you are? For us, the temperatures have plummeted to single digits, the snow has paraded on in… Yet, despite the arctic chill, I keep thinking of the beauty and charm of winter:  horse-drawn sleigh...
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