I was curious. I asked our customer care staff on the sales and marketing side, just what it is that motivates them in their customer service role. I also asked them if they thought people deserved excellent service and why. With slight variation, the staff here feels that: 1. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. 2. If a customer chooses our store, it is our honor and responsibility to...Read more
We purchase insurance in order to protect our investments against loss and for the peace of mind it gives~ you just never know... We think nothing of buying insurance for our cars, health, home, etc. I even have legal and identity theft coverage now. Weddings can get awfully expensive and often times, couples are putting down non-refundable deposits with many vendors. Those that purchase wedding...Read more
Are you full of indescribable happiness with constant thoughts to your wedding day? Maybe you were and now you are on stress overload. Since you’ve said “YES” you probably have many more questions than answers. How will you share the news of your engagement? Who makes the final guest list? Color scheme, formality, tone, traditions, special needs, vendors, venues, decorations... And then of course...Read more
You’re engaged! Let the excitement begin! One of the very first items on the “to do” list of wedding planning after setting up your wedding budget is to choose your wedding attendants. This area of wedding planning requires careful consideration and I’ll tell you why~ operation obligation. You won’t find that term anywhere because I just made it up (lol). Although not referring to the thoughtful...Read more
…the sun is fingering through the windows, luminously washing over the faces of the attendants, guests and your adoring fiancé. Months of planning have lead up to these once in a lifetime moments… Dream big, make flamboyant inspiration boards, go large, leave nothing out! What does your dream wedding look like? Leaving the reception in cowboy boots and riding a horse or riding off in a horse-...Read more
When I got married, all wedding invitations looked basically the same. The place of business I got them from was unremarkable, I don’t even recall the name. What I do remember is wading through a very large book whereby I chose the most elegant and affordable “beige” set of invitations available to me. Were they exciting? No. Were they unique? Not so much. Did they communicate important wedding...Read more
Were you completely taken off guard or was this proposal a long time coming? Did he get on one knee, take you to a mountain top, or propose in the middle of an Italian square with loved ones hiding in the crowd? Perhaps it was over a romantic meal at some ridiculously expensive restaurant… Or, maybe your proposal was similar to mine when my then-boyfriend so inspired after the conclusion of the...Read more
I admit that there is a Princess Bride in me that wants to go back in time, drag my mother and best friend around to bridal shows, wear a tiara and a pink "I'm the Bride" sticker. Then, at the end of the day, sift through the bags of wedding samples, flyers and coupons that will make my wedding perfect. You see, my wedding was indeed lovely but very simple. In lieu of bridal shows and tiaras, we...Read more
When I first considered what to write on, many topics came to mind and I had difficulty narrowing it down. However, this being the first post, the natural place to start anything is at the beginning. Let me state right up front that I am a hopeless idealist. My mother used to affectionately call me “Pollyanna” growing up and I can now see why. I simply don my rose-colored glasses and choose to...Read more

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