Patterns in Wedding Invitation Designs

Dec 8 2010

What’s in a pattern?

Just like color, patterns have the power to evoke a mood and create something memorable~ exactly what you want in a wedding invitation! From simple to complex, it’s easy to recognize the artistry of a great pattern because there’s an effortless flow to the aesthetic that’s pleasing and never overpowering.

Lindsay MagnetStreet

Using patterns in modern wedding stationery is a powerful wedding trend. Through pops of color and using motifs, repetition, symmetry and asymmetry, a beautiful pattern makes it easy to carry a wedding look across all of the stationery items~ important for cohesiveness and consistency.

Meet Lindsay~ one of MagnetStreet’s graphic designers. Because Lindsay is a designer, I picked her brain about creating and using patterns for wedding stationery as well as where she is likely to draw inspiration during the artistic process.

Take it away Linds…

“Patterns have moved to the forefront! They are integral to the design and we’re showcasing them in new ways~ like adding color in unexpected ways and having the pattern bleed off the page to create movement.

{shown above: flat rectangle Antique Filigree , flat Tea-length Floral Surprise}

Muting the Patterns…

Toning the intensity of a pattern is another way to affect the look and feel of the design and perhaps coordinate it with an amazing font style!

layered and pocket wedding invitations

{Sketched in Love {as of 11/2014, Half-fold invitations no longer available. See this design suite}, pocket Victorian Element}

We’re also updating timeless patterns by using modern color combinations. We go all out with bright colors to make the shapes really pop. Damask swirls are popular right now and they don’t even need to be in an all-over pattern … just one element adds the touch that modern brides are looking for.

Pocket wedding invitation

{shown: bold damask pocket Signature of Love}

Inspiration can come from anywhere…. like a CREED concert in this case.

I found a pattern element for the background that was both angular and swirly- kind of like the logo. I then found a font that had a lot of the appeal of the logo as well. And voila! A rock concert isn’t really where you’d expect to find inspiration for a wedding invitation, but I think it’s beautiful!

wedding address label and seal Majestic Connection

{inspired by the Creed logoAddress Label & Seals for flat square invitation Majestic Connection}

Really I am just inspired by the patterns that I find… They sort of speak to me and I just move them around to fit my purposes. Sometimes I will separate a pattern in order to apply color in the way that I want and for the design to make sense.

See all of the invitation designs for Majestic Connections.

Thanks so much Lindsay! We appreciate your talents!!

a few more popular patterns you’ll find at MagnetStreet Weddings

half-fold wedding invitation

Half-fold {as of 11/2014, Half-fold invites are no longer available} See Dramatic Roses design suite for more options

pocket fold wedding invitation

pocket invite Circle Bliss

gate-fold wedding invitation

Gate-fold Romantic Archive

What’s your favorite pattern type?

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3 thoughts on “Patterns in Wedding Invitation Designs

  1. Great thoughts on patterns! Who knew you could go to a Creed concert and get inspiration for a wedding invitation! Love it!

  2. I think that your wedding invitations should represent your personality. I am thinking about doing tangerine on white so it will pop. 🙂 thnx for some new ideas !

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