Personalizing your Programs with Photos

Jun 29 2012

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Here are a few ideas for personalizing your programs with photos.

Wedding Programs are the finishing touch on your big day and you may be wondering how to personalize them with fun and creativity. How about with photos? But what if you’ve already used your favorite engagement shots{s}! No worries–there are lots of options for personalizing your wedding programs with different types of photos.

Personal photos:

If you’ve had an engagement session, look for those artistic shots. Silhouettes, details of you holding hands or a photo from further away are all great options to use on your program. You can also dig up photos from your past – like photos of when you just met, or even childhood photos.



Showcase your venue or other special locale

One option is to feature your wedding location. You worked hard to choose the best location for your wedding. It is a big part of the day, so why not commemorate the beauty of it–whether it’s a church or a garden, etc. Not only a pretty keepsake, it’s a pretty easy way to personalize your wedding programs.

For that extra bit of spark, let your photographer know about the “special spot” in your venue that you just love. It would be a good idea to snap a picture of you and your husband there! You could even use that photo on your thank yous.



Capture the small details for big impressions

Over the past several years, there is a huge movement to capture the tiny details of your wedding. Little things that make your wedding unique are all the rage. Certainly not everyone at the wedding will be able to stare at your rings, or realize how hard you’ve worked on the details. Plus this could give them a sneak peek into the reception and what they have in store for them. Obviously this would be a great place to feature a theme if you have one. Here are some fall detail ideas but just taking pictures of your elements, like maybe a peacock feather, will make it that much more obvious to your guests. It would also be interesting to feature the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” on your program – but just remember they haven’t seen your wedding dress yet!



Wedding programs are easy to personalize with photos that are truly your own. There’s really no need to re-use the same photo again if you don’t want to. Enjoy the variety you can get through using Design Studio–our online personalization tool–and any number of photos you can take.

We used these two wedding programs: Sketched in Love Half-fold Programs  &  Vision of Love Gate-fold Programs. Feel free to play around with any of our wedding programs.

Which do you like the best – couple photos, location photos, or detail photos?


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2 thoughts on “Personalizing your Programs with Photos

  1. Must admit I like couple photos and details photos (the church in the photo above is stunning – it kind of looks Norweigan!) but my pet hate is the photos with the bride and grooms heads cut off – I know its quirky and cool (and sadly very popular) but you know, my aunt used to be queen of cutting heads off in photos – except it wasn’t intentional!!

  2. Photos can be amazing on programs and with instant publishing, wow!

    oxoxoxo from San FranciscoAmy

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