5 Fun Ways to Include Your Groom in Wedding Planning

Include Your Groom in Wedding Planning

Include your groom in wedding planning fun!

Plan your most perfect day with your groom by your side! Whether or not he's into planning out wedding day details, here are five fab ways to include your groom in wedding planning fun  ... while making sweet memories together!

1.  Include your groom in wedding planning right away

Sit down with your Wedding Planning Checklist together as soon as you're ready to plan the big day. Check over the list and hash out what you're each most excited about. Truly turn this into a bride AND groom wedding planning experience!  Chances are, your guy's already got some ideas in mind. And in the spirit of inclusion, he'll love that you value his thoughts early on and will readily join in on future wedding planning discussions!

2.  Play to your groom's strengths

Is he a math guy? Budget. Is his playlist something to die for? Music/DJ. Is he poetic? Write vows. Is he a foodie? Menu planning. Loves cars? Transportation. Think about those things you fell in love with and how they can help in planning the biggest event of your lives! Plus, both of your personalities are sure to shine through on your wedding day.

3.  Schedule special wedding planning date days & nights

Visit your favorite coffee shop, check out a local library, dine at the local wine bar, or have a picnic in the park. Review your to-do lists, evaluate where things are at, and plan for your next set of to-dos. Besides having a fun date to look forward to, it'll probably keep your conversations light ... yet productive. Use this as nice quality time as you embark toward your happily ever after!

4. Find time for fun

Find something fun to do together to prepare for your wedding day! The options are truly endless. Take fancy dancing lessons together. Choreograph an epic dance with your wedding party. Go to a wine tasting with friends and family to help pick out wines to serve. Bring your bridesmaids to your cake tasting. Basically ... eat, laugh, dance ... and have lots of fun as you prep for the big day!

5.  Ask for help on the not-so-desirable tasks

Let's be honest, not every piece of wedding planning is fun. Is there something you totally dread doing? Ask your groom to take it over or help you through it. Maybe it's dealing with vendors or awkward questions for the in-laws. This is a great time to be open with each other and ask for help.

Don’t stress–enjoy this season of life. Savor this time together. It'll all work out in the end ... your wedding day will truly be the best ever!