Postcard Postage

May 24 2011

Did you know that there is a different rate for mailing 3.5×5 postcards? Did you know that it’s cheaper than the rate for mailing 1 oz. envelopes? Now … did you know that MagnetStreet Weddings offers 3.5×5 RSVP Postcards to coordinate with every wedding invitation suite? Now that’s sweet!

As of 5/24/11, postage for a 3.5×5 postcard is at a rate of .29/stamp. Mailing a 1oz. envelope is .44/stamp

Let’s do the math … 150 guests x .29/postcard = $43.50 while 150 guests x .44/with standard 1oz. envelope = $66.00.  I’d say that is significant savings, wouldn’t you? Cheaper for you. Better for the environment to boot!

Makes cents to me.

wedding postcard postage

You can have fun with and get your postage personalized or choose from these fine options from your good ole’ United States Post Office. The postcard herb stamps in the middle are pretty for spring and summer weddings!

rsvp card invf-11989

Classic Love RSVP postcard is pictured above or see all the RSVP postcards in the gallery.

Got some more calculating to do? Here is a USPS postage calculator to help you figure out your costs.

Happy Savings!


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