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 Featured in: 2015 Elite Wedding Magazine Cover          2014-little-black-book             Bride Tide Top 100

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2 thoughts on “Praises & Press

  1. Our family has had a marvelous experience with MagnetStreet, starting with the Save The Date magnets and continuing with wedding invitations plus separate invitations for a dinner the night before the wedding. All of these products look great, were sent promptly and coordinate with each other. When there were any questions, the live chat feature online — plus email and phone support when needed — helped us get the information we requested right away. Thanks MagnetStreet for doing such a great job with your products and also with customer service!

  2. A blogger myself, I must say that this site is lovely!

    Magnet Street has numerous inspirations for weddings of all sorts in very well thought out blog posts that anyone can find ideas from!

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