Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Mar 29 2010

Wearing pre-owned…  Why would anyone want to wear another bride’s dress?

Good question.


1. Save BIG BUCKS on your wedding budget!

2. It’s an eco-conscious decision it’s all about re-purposing and sharing the joy rather than storing it away in a box.

3. Finding THE dress is exhausting it’s not easy going from store. to. store. with your MOH, mom, FMIL and the rest of your entourage looking for the perfect dress at the perfect price.

4. Sentimental Reasons like wearing an heirloom gown.

5. You and FH have different visions Like my friend and co-worker Nalie, you may have one vision of your wedding day look while he has another. Here’s Nalie’s story.

Why Nalie opted for pre-owned…

“I had this vision of wearing a short wedding dress. However, Nate had a completely different vision. He had imagined a traditional Catholic wedding that included a long, flowing dress. I agreed to keep my mind open.

First shopping trip: I tried on a whole bunch of long dresses in all different styles. Each was beautiful and some even flattering on my body. But, I was already tainted by my vision. It just wasn’t my style.

I came home pretty stressed out. I wanted my FH to be happy and I couldn’t justify paying a lot of money for a dress I just liked and didn’t love. The next day, I was re-telling my story to a friend who simply asked…why don’t you just wear your sister Vickie’s dress?

I hadn’t thought about this before, I just figured I needed to go and buy a dress. I thought about it and came to the realization that if I wore my sister’s dress for the ceremony, then I could wear my short wedding dress (which I really wanted to wear) for the reception.

Best of Both Worlds I called my sister right away, who was more than happy to let me borrow her dress.”

So what do you think? Would you consider wearing a pre-owned wedding dress in excellent shape that perhaps is heirloom or bought from a listing site like or like Nalie, borrowed from a family member?

Are there any cons to consider?

image: Pre-owned Wedding Dresses


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7 thoughts on “Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

  1. I love the idea! Like Nalie, I’m not a long flowing white dress kind of girl, so I bought a short dress off the sale rack. We were married in the backyard and had an all day/night open house reception so it was easy to get away from the more traditional look.

  2. I think it is a great idea! So many stunning gowns hanging in closets never to be worn again? I think it is a shame. If someone you know has a dress you want to wear I say go for it!

  3. I think it worked out perfectly for Nalie but for me, my wedding dress was one of the few things I wanted to splurge on.

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