Private Ceremony, Reception Later

Let's paint a couple of pictures ... one of a beach destination wedding and another of a private wedding ceremony that includes a bride, a groom, and their closest family and friends. They could be getting married in some far-off distant and tropical land--or they could be right around the corner at a tiny church or at city hall. How do you word the invitation for a beach destination wedding? How do you word the invite if it's a private ceremony with reception later?

Of course, you'll want to tweak, personalize and formalize the wording to fit your style and special circumstances but here are 3 different invitation wording samples for the above scenarios ...

Destination Wedding
The wording on this destination-themed invite includes guests that are invited to both the ceremony & the reception.
Love Airways- Flat Tea-length Wedding Invitation


ticket wedding invitation


Private ceremony, same day reception
The wording on this invitation is for reception-only {same day private ceremony}. Here, the couple prefers to wed in a private ceremony with only their closest friends and family in attendance. They will celebrate with the rest of their family and friends later on at their reception. They will still need to send RSVPs with their invites.

Signature of Love- Flat Square Wedding Invitation

square wedding invitation


Private ceremony, later reception
A little bit different ... this invite wording acts as a festive destination wedding announcement. It also invites guests to a reception about 3 weeks after the ceremony- to celebrate the couple's marriage.

Tropical Paradise Flat Rectangle Wedding Invitation

destination wedding invitation

As always, I hope this wording helps! Let me know if there are any other scenarios we can help you with ...





Thanks for clarifying this, Heidi! Destination and private ceremonies can be tricky, and the wrong wording can leave people feeling offended - so glad you set the record straight! :)

I'm attending post-destination wedding reception in October...I think these private wedding ceremony wording examples are really helpful in situations like that!

@audreyjeanne Thanks for the RT, Audrey!

Here's another scenario- we're "eloping" at a destination. We're going to invite people to witness the ceremony but we will not be hosting a reception. How to we invite people to join us?

We are planning a destination wedding in June 2018 and are only inviting 30 people. I was thinking of sending out a 'save the date' to all our friends and family that we aren't able to invite. It would be for when we return so approx July 2018, but I thought if we sent them out at the same time we send out wedding invites. I'm hoping it might make it easier for some people to accept that they aren't invited to the actual day but we would still love to celebrate with them. Does this sound ok? And how would we word the invite?!

Hi Keely! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I think you'll find this resource of ours quite handy ... We lay out lots of different situations for how to word invites, listing hosts/names/etc. Check it out <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here</a>. Here's another resource for <a href="">Reception Only Invitation Wording</a> ... grab some ideas in there for your reception-only guests! Good luck on your wedding planning <3

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