Using Professional Titles: Invites & Envelopes

wedding invitation etiquette

One of our most common etiquette questions is how to address wedding invitations to a doctor. We're going to open that up to all those with professional titles—be they doctors, professors, judges, mayors, military persons, etc.

Guests truly are paying attention to the details and really love it when an invitation arrives pristine, properly addressed—and without misspells. Traditional etiquette suggests that you not use abbreviations for professional and military titles, as well as for street names and states. However, exceptions to this rule include:

  • Mr.
  • Mrs.
  • Ms.
  • Jr.
  • Sr.
  • II
  • III
  • the number one

Addressing wedding envelopes for those with professional titles:

He has the title, she does not
Doctor and Mrs. John Simpson

She has a title, he does not
Doctor Mary Simpson and John Simpson

Married: They both have titles
Doctors Michael and Jane Bertrand
Doctor Jane Bertrand and Professor Michael Bertrand

{ladies first please}

Examples of other titles & scenarios:
Father and Mrs. Daniel Brown
The Reverend and Mrs. Marjorie Jones
Major and Mrs. Ralph Knutson
The Honorable and Mrs. John Smith
{applies to mayors, judges, governors}

Doctor Lydia Langston and Captain Paul Langston United States Army


If the bride and groom are issuing the invitation, then the bride uses her title—otherwise she does not use her title.


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