Niagara Falls Wedding: Ian & Chrissy

Mar 7 2012

Can you imagine planning a wedding in less than 5 months–and from 3,000 miles away? Well, that’s the story of our lovely bride Chrissy. Our hats are off to you and Ian–congratulations! We love your fete–the purple hi-tops, your amazing bouquet and eggplant, purple and silver color scheme, the mariachi band, the line dancing, the stunning backdrop of Niagara Falls–all of it. Enjoy!

Wedding Style: Chic & Traditional
Wedding Colors: Eggplant and Silver
Ceremony: Potters House Christian Community Church in Niagara Falls, NY   Reception: Niagara Falls Conference Center
Photographers: Luis Martinez and {Sharon N. from The Pros}
Thank You Cards: MagnetStreet Weddings

Niagra Falls Wedding

Highlights of the day:

Taking pictures with all of our family and friends at the falls … The bridal party reception entrance (they came in to the theme song for when the Chicago Bulls basketball team comes in (our favorite basketball team). As each couple entered, they slapped hands with the previous couples as they do when basketball players enter. Our ushers {nephews} entered with a large Chicago Bulls basketball jersey with my husbands last name on it (Johnson) and our flower girls entered with a smaller Chicago bulls basketball jersey also with Johnson on it. Then we came in and I had high-top purple converse shoes on.

Niagra Falls Wedding

Niagra Falls Wedding

Niagra Falls Wedding

Niagra Falls Wedding

Niagra Falls Wedding

Niagra Falls Wedding

Advice you’re glad you took

On the day of the event, I let other people take over and just enjoyed myself even if something wasn’t just they way I had planned it–I just let everyone else handle it.

Niagra Falls Wedding

Advice you’d like to give

Take a second during the wedding and reception to really be present–to take it all in and have funit’s your day!

Niagra Falls Wedding

Niagra Falls Wedding

Best part of the whole wedding day

My husband and I watching as everyone was doing a line dance without us–but having so much fun.

Niagra Falls Wedding

Vendor Shout-Outs

Niagara Falls Conference Center

Ours was a package with open bar and I’d say that was the smartest thing to do, because it meant less coordinating and since I was coming from 3,000 miles away, the least amount of coordinating I had to do, the better. The food was delicious. I was so happy we went with the buffet so people could eat as much as they wanted. The only problem was people having to wait to get into line but I think no matter what, people end up waiting a bit for food and its no big deal!

MagnetStreet Weddings

MagnetStreet was great! I was able to get exactly our color scheme and when the picture I wanted didn’t have enough pixels, they let me know and helped me fix it. That is why I went with them again for the thank you cards–which also had pictures on them. Again I was able to use the same colors and everything looked matched and coordinated. I would definitely use you guys again.  Also, the pricing was totally reasonable and the magnets actually stay on the fridge–unlike others I have seen.

Thank You Cards “Black Fade”

Niagra Falls Wedding

Thanks Chrissy & Ian for sharing your lovely day with us! We wish you every happiness–today and always!



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  1. What a fun/creative idea, having Chicago Bulls jerseys printed with the couple’s last name on them! I love how Chrissy and Ian founds ways to incorporate their hobbies/personalities into their wedding day.

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