Real Fall Wedding: Allison and Dave

I am always thrilled to showcase the talent of Corinna Hoffman Photography and this wedding is no exception.  The gorgeous jewel tones. The sheer vibrancy of the greens and yellow {note David's fun tie and boutonniere}.  The sweetness to the formality.  Not to mention all the lovely and personalized details... captured so beautifully.  Ah, always so much to see when we take the time to look a little closer. So... enjoy!










A big blog hug and thanks to Corinna! To see ALL of this wedding goodness, rush on over to Corinna's blog.

It will make you smile.




Thank you so much for all of the nice compliments and for featuring our wedding!!!! We loved every moment and Cory was phenomenal as always!!!!!!

So pretty! I love the bursts of color. The location is beautiful and of course- Great shoes!! I wonder, where are those bridesmaid dresses from? Right now we are thinking jewel tone blues and greens to match the colors in His family kilt (He isn't wearing it day of though) the materiel of those dresses photographed so well with that green I wonder if they had our colors too!

Thank you soooo much for featuring Allison and Dave's gorgeous wedding in your beautiful blog! Thank you for the sweetest words, as well!! I'm truly honored :) **Just to answer Clover's question above..the bridesmaids' dresses were from Da Vinci Bridal :) And yes, I'm LOVING Allison's custom-made shoes from UK!!

that's absolutely wonderful photos lovely couples ,thanks for sharing such great moments.

What a great wedding! The photographer has an eye for details and she captured these beautifully.

so lovely photos and beautiful couples and the photographer has captured very well photos.i just love this.

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