Real Hindu Wedding: Aarti and Saurabh

Jan 19 2011

Bold, lavish and colorful. Saurabh and Aarti’s traditional Hindu wedding is magnificent and rich with cultural significance and ceremonial rituals and beautifully executed by Rose Events. House of Talent Studio did an incredible job capturing this grand event and it was hard not to include every single photo I saw. Enjoy the beauty of this Eastern wedding and read how Aarti and Saurabh blended modern elements within their traditional wedding at their reception~ infusing teal, fuschia and navy into their color scheme. Additionally~ this beautiful couple is also a MagnetStreet Weddings’ couple… check out the Save the Date and Thank You note card designs they chose at the bottom of the post. Without further ado~

Beautifully adorned in the traditional red and and gold. via Aarti … “The ceremony colors are very warm colors — red, gold, bronze, burnt orange. Indian brides traditionally wear a sari or lengha (I wore a lengha) that is a red/gold combination (usually red fabric with gold work).”

{click to enlarge each collage}

DIY wedding details “I’m personally a sap for weddings and tend to shed a few tears during a couple’s ceremony. So I thought it would be a cute and unique idea to find or create tissue holders using travel tissues. {idea via Martha Stewart Weddings} My sister Poonam, graciously took hours upon hours to make 300 of them for my wedding. My second is our wedding program. Indian weddings tend to be super long and oftentimes solely in Hindi. I wanted my guests to experience something fun and unique while watching us get married. In the program contained our personal vows, a crossword puzzle, fun facts about us, special thanks, etc. And of course an “Aarti weds Saurabh” pencil {top middle image}.”

Saurabh arrives on horseback

The exchange of rings and flowers {Varmala} symbolizing their love…


colors:  fuchsia, teal and navy

“I think the pairing was so fresh and beautiful and I thought would look elegant, but fun — which was the overall impression we wanted to give for our wedding. ”

“In Hinduism, the elephant is always associated with Lord Ganesha, {Hindu god of success and prosperity}. There are always multiple references to Lord Ganesha throughout a Hindu wedding ceremony – for that reason, we incorporated the elephant into our wedding logo and within an ice sculpture at the reception. The henna print within the elephant made it very wedding appropriate, and the wedding bands of course~ the icing on the cake.”

Best wedding day advice Don’t stress — When I was deep in planning, super stressed about the littlest thing gone wrong and a serious control freak, I tried to always remember what a fantastic support system I have — my husband and wedding planner were both great in the whole planning process! And, all my friends and family lent a heavy hand.

Advice you wished you would have taken Enjoy every minute. This kind of goes back to the stress part I suppose, but there were many times when I was so focused on the little details of the party. But in the last month, the excitement really started to set in, and I didn’t want to stress – Then I would take a step back and revel in the fact that I was getting married! And I just wanted to spend the time with friends and family that flew in, and attended our special day.

Save the Date Magnet

Indian Style Caricatures design via MagnetStreet Weddings

Thank Yous

Saurabh and Aarti used “Full Photo Background” Thank You Card from MagnetStreet Weddings personalizing the front, inside and backside.

Congratulations to you~ Aarti and Saurabh!  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, joyful wedding day with the world! We wish you all the happiness in the world!


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  1. I can only imagine the details & planning that went into this amazing celebration! What a beautiful display….what a beautiful couple!

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