Real Wedding: Peter and Lauren

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Save the Date mini magnet

Our real wedding today can easily be entitled Traditional With a Twist... so fun and creative and such a lovely color palette for a late summer/early fall wedding! Soft. Rich. Striking.

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So, without further ado, let me introduce Peter and Lauren on this edition of our designs YOUR WAY... Here's Lauren on all the details...

"We went with dark red (Claret) and cream & black. It came off as very warm and romantic. It was also perfect in reflecting the end of summer and being close to the beginning of Autumn. To add a bit more color, we added cream, pink, & yellow roses into the Bridesmaids' bouquets, in the church ceremony and the hotel reception.

We incorporated the rose theme because my middle name is rose and Peter had always brought me red roses on special holidays and anniversaries.  It is also a symbol of our shared Catholic faith.

Our Save-the-Date introduced our theme and our wedding website reflected it too. We did the dark red and black with a beautiful engagement photograph {our engagement photographer was Jen Culotta in Katy, TX} that had rose petals falling around us.  The wedding  Thank You favor carried the same look! {shown below}



{how sweet are they?}


The reception walls also had red and gold uplighting... and a spotlight showed our initials on the dance floor with a single rose outline.  We also did a non-traditional guestbook -- and our pages asked questions such as their favorite memory of us and how many kids they thought we would have!

But we also added some elements to our reception that were fun and whimsical too.  We didn't want to be too traditional, as we wanted to show the fun side of our personality as a couple and wanted our guests to be laid back at the reception.


Our bride's cake was red with white polka dots (red velvet and cream cheese frosting) and because Peter had proposed to me at a Starbucks (the first place we ever went), we did a Starbucks Groom's Cake! (chocolate!)




At the end of the evening, our guests sent us off' by throwing rose petals at as as we got into the car!

{LOVE this shot!}


...we'll be ordering thank-you notes from MagnetStreet with a new picture of us from our wedding day... and with the same rose theme!"

Peter and Lauren


{Photo for All } Thank You Favor from MagnetStreet Weddings

Congratulations Peter and Lauren! Thank you so much for sharing your celebrated day with us!

We wish you a lifetime of blessings and joy!



Love the Starbucks cake!!

Lauren, these pics look amazing! So glad you got featured on here - you and Peter deserve it :)

Lauren & Peter, Thanks for sharing this with me, easy to see how much fun your wedding was. The pictures turned out great, I'm so glad I was able to be a part of your dream reception with these fun cakes !

Laruen, Thank you so much for including me in your email! I'm so glad that I got to see pictures from your wedding day. Everything was beautiful! I wish you and your husband lots of luck and even more love!

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