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I'm a big fan of using fun and creative RSVP wording--especially for showcasing the spirit of a wedding. While RSVPs serve a very practical and much-needed purpose--getting an accurate guest count--why not incorporate a bit of fun into them as well?

Read on for creative accepts/declines wording--both classic and contemporary {plus additional links to help you with your RSVP wording}

Which is your favorite?
What do you think about incorporating humor or creativity into your RSVP wording?

funny rsvp wording

One of my favorite wording ideas comes from the Ritzy Bee blog. It's an oldie but a goodie ... and it's cute cute cute! The wording is clever, positive and the best part--the objective is clear--to find out who is attending and who is not!

___Will be there with bells on
___Will be there free of bells
___Will be there … undecided on bells

Number of people attending: _____

___Will not be there
Heard there will be people wearing bells

___Will not be there
Regardless of the bell controversy

So fun!

Here's another idea that plays off the original above:
Spring, Summer, Outdoor, or Destination wedding--

___Will be there with SPF on
___Will be there free of SPF
___Will be there … undecided on skin protection

Number of people attending: _____

___Will not be there
Heard there will be people donning SPF

___Will not be there
Regardless of the SPF controversy

A few more ideas to get your creative juices flowing ...


____ Come rain or shine… we’ll be there!
____ Very sorry. Out of sunscreen and umbrellas!


___Gladly! We're full of jolly
___Sorry! Cannot join in the jolly

___Accepts with joy
___Sorry to miss this joyous event

Western, Rustic

___Yeehaw, we’re there!
___Shoot, can’t make it!

Beach or Cruise

___Yes! Counting the waves
___Sorry, we're in over our heads!

Mountain Destination

___Yes! We're able to move the mountain
___Cannot, having trouble moving the mountain!


___Yes. It's in the cards
___Sorry. We have no luck that day.

Country theme

____We’ll be there y’all… boots chaps and cowboy hats.
____ Rats! Got a hitch in my giddy-up from squatting on my spurs.


____ Yes! We are SO there.
____ Sorry! Can’t make it.
____ Can’t commit. But I’ll probably show up anyways!


Refreshed & Additional wording ideas:

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I LOVE this idea! Wanted to do it for my wedding, but was afraid older guests might get confused.

Thanks Kristin! I know what you mean- that is one of the reason's I love the "bells" example so much- the "yes" or "no" is clear.

How about: Bathing suit pack Missed the boat

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