Return Address Envelope Etiquette

Return Address Envelope Etiquette

Wedding envelopes have a big job--as they communicate all kinds of information--from style and formality, to who's invited and who's sending. This post is dedicated to the small but important return address for your wedding envelopes and RSVP envelopes or cards.

Whose name goes on the return address?
Whoever is managing the gifts and responses that come in the mail. Have your wedding envelopes and the RSVP envelopes or cards printed with this person's name and address.

Where does the return address go on the envelope? 
The return address is typically printed on the back flap or the upper left corner of the envelope. It can be handwritten, calligraphed or printed onto an address label.

What's the etiquette? 
Traditional etiquette suggests skipping the abbreviations and writing out titles, street names, and states--just like you would for the front side. See this post for addressing wedding envelopes.

Tip: Devise a method of keeping your guest list and addresses organized right from the start. You'll be glad you did when the replies and gifts start coming in. One popular way is to correspond your invited guest with a number {written very lightly} on the back of the RSVP. Even if you can't read the handwriting, you'll know who it is by the number it corresponds with.

return address envelope etiquette

Are you following traditional etiquette with your wedding envelopes?



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