Romantic Wedding Proposal That’s All Over The Map

Submitted by Heidi on Wednesday - August 12, 2015

Sam's Romantic Wedding Proposal To Katie

Aaaahhh, wedding proposals! Some are sweet. Some are funny. Some are romantic. Some are just plain creative. All of them involve a story--a unique story that's gloriously intimate and special to the couple. We adore wedding proposals of all kinds--especially those involving the element of surprise! Don't you?

Meet Katie and Sam. Actually, Katie is another MagnetStreet family member from our Wheaton, IL office. Perhaps you've "chatted" with Katie after hours--she's very sweet and we think she's grand. Sam thinks so too. His proposal to Katie is so thoughtful and sweet. A trip down memory lane, enjoy as Katie shares her romantic wedding proposal story--that's so perfectly mapped out! Literally. :)

Katie's sweet and romantic wedding proposal--that's all over the map!

Sam conspires with Katie's roommate ...

Little did Katie know that Sam had been conspiring with Katie's roommate to capture the proposal and Katie's reaction in real time.

Sam and I had been talking about marriage for several months so I knew the proposal was sometime soon. But Sam and my roommate had cleverly thrown me off from thinking it was "that weekend." We had made dinner plans Saturday night at a casual restaurant in town--which only further convinced me that this was not it.

A walk through the park 

We had time before dinner to take a walk through a nearby historical park that used to be part of a neo-classical estate. {I didn't know it at the time, but my roommate was hiding in the bushes with his camera. There happened to be another photographer in the park shooting portraits. This turned out to be helpful to my roommate, as the photographer was able to tip him off that we were coming, and he could get ready to start shooting.}

All over the map

Sam and I rounded a corner and came upon a rolled up map with a sign that said “Open Me.” As I unrolled it, Sam pulled out a folding table he had hidden behind a bush. Laying the map out on the table, I could see that it was dotted with dozens of number stamps.

Down memory lane

Sam pointed to #1 and explained that it was where we had our first date--right at the corner where the restaurant is located. He then went on to point out other numbers and their corresponding dates ... taking me down memory lane.

Finally, he pointed to #145 and said, “And this is us here.” He made a beautiful proposal speech before getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. After I said "YES" I proposed back to him.

My roommate finally came out from hiding to take more photos of our happy selves. Oh, and the casual dinner plans? All a foil! Sam took me back to the place where we had our first date--where he had reserved the very same table we had sat at all that time ago.

Katie's map

Aaahhh, how sweet is that!?

Can you imagine? How uberly sweet of Sam to plot out their history together, marking the moments and milestones in their relationship. So clever. So thoughtful. So romantic. Bravo Sam! Congratulations to you both. Let the wedding planning begin! We're looking forward to seeing how you translate and express your personalities and style across your wedding look.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Katie and Sam!