Perfect RSVP Cards: Here’s The Plan

Welcome to our new blog series: Top Insider Tips for Printing Perfect Stationery. After 10 years of printing Wedding Stationery, we've learned a few things about color and composition. The first post in our series is about printing beautiful, readable RSVP Cards/Postcards.

Top Insider Tips for printing perfect Wedding Stationery

Tips For Printing Your RSVP Cards

Beautiful wedding stationery is about color, design, paper quality, and print equipment. At MagnetStreet, you have a ton of creative freedom with any design--beginning with unlimited color choices. With so many options comes great responsibility :) We've printed a lot of RSVP Cards throughout our 10 years ... Here are a few tips for personalizing your RSVPs for the utmost in importance: readability.

#1. Avoid dark background colors

Keep in mind that guests have to write their names and responses on your RSVP Cards. If they are using a black or blue pen on your design that has a dark background, it may not be visible. Lighter background colors for RSVPs is best for readability.

#2. The address text should be in a contrasting color

Since readability is paramount with your RSVPs, we suggest using contrasting colors for your address text. White text is best with darker, saturated colors such as black or dark blue backgrounds and black text is best on lighter backgrounds.

#3. Text should be at least 10 pt in size

Remember, the key to a successful RSVP Card is readability. Marry an appropriate text size {at least 10pt} with a font style that carries your look but is sufficiently readable too.

#4. Return address placement

If you're sending RSVP Postcards, the return address is printed on the backside and in the center of the Postcard. If you're using RSVP Envelopes, the return address is printed on the front side of the envelope and in the center. You may also have your return address printed onto a Return Address Label, adhered in the same location. {Print your Return Address through MagnetStreet}

#5. Keep Post Office requirements in mind

Meeting requirements for First-Class Mail Postcard pricing, MagnetStreet's RSVP Postcards are available in 2 sizes: 3.5" x 5" and 4" x 6" and for those wanting more formality, we offer RSVP envelopes in sizes to fit both Postcard options. DIY? On a budget? Make sure you're aware of Post Office regulations to get the best mailing rate for your Postcards. To get First-Class Mail postcard pricing {always check with your local Post Office. See criteria}

  • rectangle in shape
  • at least 3.5” high x 5” long
  • not bigger than 4 1/4" high x 6" long

Yes, there are barcode regulations  Using automated equipment, the Postal Service uses the barcode at the bottom to read where to deliver your mail. No text or design is allowed in this area. You don't want your lovely RSVP covered up or made undeliverable by getting this wrong. The regulations for the barcode area are:

  • 0.625" inch clearance at the bottom
  • 2.75" x 2.75" clearance on the bottom right for addressing
  • stay away from stickers: your text shouldn't bleed into the address or barcode space

More tips for getting a 100% response rate from your RSVPs!

Know The Anatomy Of A RSVP Card 1. Guest{s} line 2. Accepts line 3. Declines line 4. RSVP date

  • Don't forget to include the right postage on your RSVP Postcards or Envelopes
  • Include a RSVP date (usually 2-3 weeks before your wedding date)
  • Creative wording on accepts/declines line will make it fun for guests to respond
  • Encourage interaction: use your RSVPs to ask guests for marriage tips, their favorite song they'd like to hear at the reception, etc.

You're Saving Money With Postcards

  • Postcards are a cheaper way to send your RSVPS {better for the budget and better for the environment}
  • No need to dole out extra cash for envelopes when you use Postcards

RSVP Postcard We hope these tips help you create beautiful, readable RSVP Postcards! Have questions about printing or saving money on your RSVP Cards? Share them in the comments. We'd love to help!