5 RSVP Wording Samples

RSVP wording. It seems to stump many a bride and groom but the RSVP wording is a place that you and your guests can have a lot of fun interacting with--specifically the accept/decline lines. And who knows, guests may even respond faster if the wording makes them smile.

RSVP must haves:
1. Guest{s} line
2. Accepts line
3. Declines line
4. RSVP date

How to get your creative RSVP's on: 
Do you have a wedding theme i.e. rustic, vintage? Having a holiday wedding? Frame your RSVP wording around the specifics of: your wedding theme, season, style and/or formality. Take your time to experiment with phrasing, rhyming, and word plays. Bear in mind that the key to effective RSVP wording is wittiness balanced by wisdom. Not all share the same humor so keep it positive, unoffensive and clear as to which line they should respond to.

5 samples of creative RSVP wording:

1. An Outdoor Wedding

In Full Bloom Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -outdoor wedding


2. A Fun, Whimsical Wedding

Mustache You to Wed Wedding Invitation Design

funny RSVP wording -whimsical wedding


3. A Modern-Traditional Wedding

Antique Filigree Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -modern wedding


4. A Totally Casual Wedding

Love and Gratitude Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -casual wedding



5. A Rustic-Country Wedding

Candlelit Mason Jar Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -rustic wedding


What do you think ... yay or nay on creative RSVP wording? Do you have a favorite style?



Ha, love the wording on the Rustic Country RSVP...I can't even read it without adding an adorable little drawl to my inner voice. :) I think RSVP wording is a delicate, but fun balance of showcasing your personality/style, but also keeping it clear enough to understand what each option means. (Older relatives might not understand the lingo/slang, or get confused and select the wrong choice.)

These are lovely colour palettes, I really like the addition of tea green as a colour

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