Rustic Outdoor Wedding: Terri-Lynn & Justin

Oct 4 2012

“Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” an Italian saying that means “a wet bride is a lucky bride.” This phrase became the mantra for Terri-Lynn and Justin’s beautiful Canadian and rainy outdoor wedding. So what if Terri-Lynn had to swap wedding shoes for wellies and all their guests donned umbrellas and raincoats instead of rice and rose petals. Their wedding couldn’t be more stunning, joyful and beautifully captured!

“Going for a rustic outdoorsy vibe” Justin and Terri-Lynn got exactly what they wanted: an “fun” “light-hearted”outdoor wedding, surrounded by family and friends and breath-taking beauty of nature. Sposa fortunata indeed! Enjoy!


Wedding Style: Rustic-Outdoors
Wedding Colors: Lime-green, Grey, and Cream
Outdoor Ceremony: Folk Tree Lodge in Bragg Creek, Canada {near Calgary}
Reception: Bragg Creek Centre

Highlights of the day:

1. Getting married outdoors even though it was raining, and enjoying every minute of it!
2. When Justin surprised me with a big dip during our “first” kiss.
3. Seeing all of our friends and family surrounding us in their raincoats and umbrellas with huge smiles on their faces.

Photographer: Kyle Hamilton Photography
Thank You Postcard: MagnetStreet Weddings

Advice you’re glad you took
Making the call the day before the ceremony to go indoors or outdoors was a tough decision to make. The weather forecast was touch and go and kept changing from 70% chance of showers to a 30% chance. It was our dream to get married outdoors and we had so many people encouraging us to JUST DO IT! We finally made the decision to go outside–rain or shine–and we were SO happy we did! It was amazing. Wet- and amazing!

Advice you’d like to give:
Do what makes you happy. This is your big day and it should be about celebrating your love together in whatever unique way you chose to do that. Enjoy every minute of it, and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s the things that go “wrong” that turn into the best stories/memories in the end.

Wedding Thank You PostCard

{A perfect picture of their day … Terri-Lynn and Justin personalized Love is Sweet Thank You Postcard!}


Pro Shout Out

Kyle Hamilton Photography
Kyle was such a trooper! He (and his equipment) got completely soaked and he didn’t even think twice about staying outside to get more awesome shots after the ceremony was over. He did a fantastic job!

Folk Tree Lodge
The owners of the Folk Tree Lodge were absolutely amazing.They don’t usually host weddings there and so we were so lucky that they agreed to let us have our marriage ceremony on their property. We absolutely fell in love with their acreage the first time we saw it.The owners Paola and Alvise (a lovely Italian couple) were so generous and helpful–they went completely out of their way to help set up planks and platforms at the last minute to provide a walkway through the mud and a place for our musician to play out of the rain.They were so positive about the rain. I remember one of the first things Paola said to me when we showed up the evening before was “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” which means in Italian “A wet bride is a lucky bride.” It made me so happy and it sort of became the mantra for the whole wedding!

Our musician, Amy Thiessen was amazing! She performed a few of her acoustic songs under a small canopy in the rain for about 45 minutes before the ceremony, entertaining all the guests as they were bussed into the acreage and lined up along our make shift “aisle.” She then performed three amazing cover songs for us during the procession, the signing, and the recession. She really helped set that beautiful calming, casual ambiance that we were going for.

MagnetStreet Weddings
MagnetStreet offered exactly what I was looking for. A one stop shop where there were lots of options for designs and customizations. I liked that I could choose a full matching suite of stationery for the wedding, or switch it up and have each piece be unique. Personalizing the design to fit our colour scheme was so easy, and even making changes like location of photos and text or lines of colour was extremely easy through the editing/email process. Everything was delivered efficiently and looked (and felt) fantastic. Very true to what you provide in the samples and what I saw on the computer during design.


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2 thoughts on “Rustic Outdoor Wedding: Terri-Lynn & Justin

  1. “Enjoy every minute of it, and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s the things that go “wrong” that turn into the best stories/memories in the end.”

    So true!! I just got married in September and I actually embraced the little hiccups/issues that cropped up during the day. It made our wedding feel more real, like who we really are….life is messy, and so is love…but that’s what makes it interesting. 🙂

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