Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

Submitted by Heidi on Wednesday - May 9, 2012

Can you believe how popular mason jars still are for weddings? We really shouldn't be though. They're so simple, cool and versatile ... from drinking out of them to decorating with them! Looking for rustic wedding ideas? How about country wedding ideas? Or, perhaps vintage wedding ideas? Look to mason jars. They're effortless to spruce up: here are a few more ideas.

Centerpiece with single stem flowers:

The doilies give off a pretty vintage feel but you could easily change the tone to rustic or country by arranging the mason jars on a wood trivet or stump.

{image via Heart Love Weddings}


Eclectic arrangements:

Love the look of blue mason jars--especially when the flowers are paired with pretty colors like these pink peonies.

{image via Wedding Bee}


Rustic mason jar chandelier:

Doubling as a decorative shelf as well as a pretty lighting source.

{image via Blue Velvet Chair}

rustic wedding ideas


Country wedding sweetness:

Love this! And the hand-drawn tag makes it that much more charming.

{image via Etsy designer: My Swedish Farmhouse}


Hand-painted and vintage:

And will you take a gander at this hand-painted lovely?

{image via Etsy designer: LIT Decor}

blue mason wedding jar


At MagnetStreet Weddings, we love mason jars too!

Check out the entire design suite for Romantic Mason Jar Wedding Invitation from MagnetStreet Weddings. Craving more? Here's a post we did a while back on mason jar centerpieces!

Mason Jar wedding invitations



What is your favorite idea for using mason jars?