Behind the Design: Love Arrows

Nov 8 2013

If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, then today’s Behind the Design is going to appeal to your woodland sensibilities. Its bohemian look and feel is Rachel, designer for MagnetStreetcharming and romantic. Here’s designer Rachel to point us in the direction of her Love Arrows–a design that epitomizes what pierces the heart: love!

“Arrows are popping up in weddings all over this year and tribal patterns are growing in popularity too. That was my inspiration for Love Arrows Save the Date design. The arrows are carried throughout each piece and on the back of some of the suite items–even used as a repeating pattern. Peach is a well-loved wedding color and together with this deep purple, really give this design a “tribal inspired” feel. I imagined a rustic, intimate, back home kind of wedding, but the best part about this design is how well it works with any color! Change up the colors and it will transform into a modern or even classic affair.”

Love Arrows: love it! Check out the entire Love Arrows Design Suite

Love Arrows wedding stationery design from MagnetStreet


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Photo Credits
For allowing us to use their photography, much thanks to …

Sign and Drinks by Modern Hearts
Backyard Wedding by The Fresh Exchange
Couple by Stone Crandall Photography {via Green Wedding Shoes}


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