Save the Date Magnets: Our Favorite 19 Designs

Submitted by cpotter on Monday - August 3, 2020

The big question has been popped, champagne glasses clinked, and now it's time to give all your nearest and dearest a heads up so they can clear their schedules in advance of the big day. Save-the-date magnets are a great way to share your news as well as your expected wedding date. Here are 19 of our favorite save-the-date designs, all in magnet form.

1. Fabulous Flourish

Fabulous Flourish is a save-the-date magnet that evokes old Hollywood. Whether you view the aisle as your personal red carpet or just want your nuptials to feel like a silver-screen moment (and who doesn't?), this magnet's elegant swirls are totally Oscar-worthy.

2. Bold Type

For couples who crave a striking, colorful save-the-date magnet, there's the inarguably vivid masterpiece that's this Bold Type design. Plenty of white space helps emphasize the clean lines of the large-print monogram and date details. Customize it with your preferred fonts and theme colors, and you'll make a statement long before anyone even steps foot into your venue.

3. Carnival Crush

Wedding themes aren't always plush, sit-down affairs. Some couples choose to emphasize fun over formality, with costumes and game stations winning out over black tie and string quartets. If you've considering a playful reception that may include circus elements, this Carnival Crush save-the-date magnet is the best thing outside the big top.

4. The DIY

Create a completely unique save-the-date magnet from scratch with our option to upload your own design. Use the blank templates to ensure your photos stay inside lines and we'll print it up in vivid color. It's a great way to personalize your magnets with photos from your relationship or a shot of your wedding venue to help set the scene leading up to your big day.

5. Mountain Romance

Are you more likely to be found hiking with your sweetheart than hanging out at home? Can you identify a bird in four tweets or less? The Mountain Romance save-the-date magnet is perfect for couples who spend their weekends camping, but it's equally ideal if you'll be hosting your “I dos” in a high-altitude place like Aspen or the Poconos. Play off the sweet nature scene with some gold foiling and you've got a magnet that brilliantly straddles the line between organic and modern.

6. Love Squared

Can't choose your favorite engagement photo? Don't settle for a single shot when you can showcase four. Save the date with our Loved Squared magnet and upload a quartet of photos that epitomize what you and your soon-to-be spouse are all about. The geometric framing feels fun and modern, while your info remains center stage, so it's easy to read and reference.

7. You + Me

It's just one little word comprised of three little letters, and yet it can change your entire life. When they say yes, send out this You + Me save-the-date magnet that commemorates the instant all your dreams came true. Romantic without feeling over the top, this design uses just a few elements — a sprinkling of plus signs here, a single line of event details there — to convey key information while letting your photo and the overall emotion shine.

8. Home Together

Whether you're both especially fond of where you met or you want to celebrate your shared home state when you say I do, you'll love this Home Together magnet. Upload your photo and it takes the shape of your chosen state. Just add your event details (customize the font and colors as you like), and you're ready to go!

9. Watercolor Mason Jar

Romance meets art with this save-the-date magnet anchored by a charming sketch and a blooming splash of color. Watercolor Mason Jar feels soft and dreamy, with flowing lines of script conveying your details with an easy kind of grace. The design's delicacy would be a good match for a backyard wedding or spring affair, but it also works for any theme that has a homespun or organic undertone.

10. Date Check

Simple, classic, and wonderfully functional, our Date Check save-the-date magnet includes a calendar with a square highlighting your big day. The photo you add on the left-hand side adds a personal touch, while the calendar is a little gift for guests who need a more graphic reminder to help them plan.

11. Beach Palms

If you're planning a destination wedding, consider the easy, breezy beauty of our Beach Palms save-the-date magnet. Palm fronds frame a center picture, and there is plenty of room to add in your personal details. It's so tropical, you can practically smell the sea air!

12. Simply Put

No photo? No problem. Simply Put is just as the name suggests — alluringly simple. Expertly spaced lettering stands out thanks to a solid background. Couples who want to skip the photo shoot can still send out a stylish reminder thanks to this pretty piece.

13. USMC Sabers of Love

This design won't work for everyone for obvious reasons, but if you're having a military wedding and want to honor you or your significant other's commitment to the service, USMC Sabers of Love will do the trick. From the crossed sabers at the top to the event details and personal photo below, this magnet is as classy as they come.

14. Dreamy Dots

Dreamy Dots is all about the smattering of tiny little circles that frame your photo and save-the-date details. The swirl of spots feels both whimsical and celebratory. Amp up the glam with shimmering raised foil and your magnet is just right for a New Year's Eve wedding or glam reception in the big city.

15. Stacked Sophisticate

This cool, polished design feels super-chic thanks to an unpretentious design that consists of a large photo background topped by your wedding date in large, bold letters. After all, this magnet is all about scheduling, right? Well, that and the twosome at the center of everything (that's you guys!), so that's exactly what Stacked Sophisticate focuses on — and the result is stunning.

16. True Love's Thumbprint

Your connection is as unique and enduring as a fingerprint, and this design honors that very concept. Our True Love's Thumbprint save-the-date magnet features two crisscrossed thumbprints that form the shape of a heart. You can change the colors to reflect your theme, and there's plenty of space below to add information including your wedding date, your names, the event location, and your wedding website URL too.

17. Sweet Snapshots

The couple that corkboards together stays together. Sweet Snapshots features a corkboard background with your save-the-date info written on lined notebook paper. It's a fun, whimsical design for anyone who wants a magnet design that’s outside the box, and it works just as well for teachers, vision board fans, or anyone whose love started as an office romance.

18. Jerseys

Attention sports fans! Salute your shared love of game day on your big day with our Jerseys save-the-date magnet. Take a photo in gear representing your favorite team, then add your wedding date in the cute jerseys at the bottom of the design.

19. Charming Lavender

Our Charming Lavender design evokes visions of grand ballrooms, even grander wedding dresses, and a groom decked out in his most formal finery. For weddings that embrace elegance in every sense of the word, this save-the-date magnet is sophistication and grandeur incarnate.

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