Selecting the Right Wedding Favors

Jan 11 2008

Bestowing gifts on one’s wedding guests is a tradition that goes back a long way~ centuries in fact.  Initiating in Europe, the custom began with giving the guest a beautiful little box called a bonbonniere. These boxes could be decorated with precious stones and made from gold, crystal or porcelain and filled with sweet delicacies like bonbons. (I wonder if these wealthy Europeans were just showing off their wealth, or if they truly did appreciate their guests…hmm)
Eventually, this tradition spread across cultures and classes and the idea of offering a simple gift (now known as a wedding favor) was born and is alive and well today.  An array of wedding favor options await the bride and groom~ from personalized candy to crystal, and everything in between.

Isn’t this time-honored custom, of appreciating the wedding guest with a gift, a lovely expression of gratitude?  I’m sure that is why it has lasted so long.  Nowadays, there are many, many gift options available that you can choose out of your individual preference or to coordinate with the style or theme of your wedding.

Here are a couple of wedding favor ideas from MagnetStreet Weddings.

Personalized wedding favor notepads: Functional. Practical.  Beautiful. (style code: NBU-10136)

Wedding favor magnets leave long-lasting memories of your special day!

style code: A-10040 (also available in business card size: B-10516)
Happy Favor Looking!  Let us know what you did!!!

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