Signature Cookies to Sweeten Your Soiree

Feb 12 2009

Can sugar cookies be elegant?  I think so when they’re personalized with your wedding colors, monogram or other special design element, reminiscent of your wedding look. What a beautiful treat for your guests to take home or enjoy at the reception.

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This site has the sweetest designs… 

You or someone you know have a knack for baking? Why not create your own signature treats?  Look for interesting cookie cutters that fit your theme and practice making the perfect confectionery delight! Wrap them in cellophane and tie them with a beautiful satin, lace, organza… ribbon.  A conversation starter, your guests will go crazy for them!

How cute would these Love Boat cookies be for a small destination wedding and these purse and dress-shaped cookies be for a bridal shower?

Your Thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Signature Cookies to Sweeten Your Soiree

  1. One thing that I have heard from people is not to put your picture on it 😀 People were a bit put off by taking a bite out of the bride and groom.

    We are getting a gourmet cookie and coffee bar with our package but my mother is also planning an expansive candy buffet as the take home gift. (Complete with hand made molded sugar castle, 14+ different candies which will all be wrapped to match the colors, hand made suckers, Mackinaw Fudge, and inscribed bags.)

    There is a traditional cookie that are featured in Irish festivals that we are going to be adding as a late night snack or take home gift.

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