Small Wedding Venue Ideas

Mar 21 2012

We love small weddings! Every one we’ve attended, have been so beautifully stamped with the personality of the bride and groom. And, they seem easier to plan … Although you’re still preparing for the comfort of your guests in all the same ways, you’re seemingly less encumbered by logistics: food, seating, decor, costs, etc.

Here are some lovely ideas and considerations for your small wedding. Some you may have already considered and some may be new, but we encourage you to think big for your small wedding venue!

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small wedding ideas


Since the most popular weddings months are June, August and September, we can’t resist the allure of an al fresco wedding!

1. For the outdoorsy couple:

  1. Lake or beach setting– flanked by a gorgeous shoreline, all that’s needed is a simple arch or canopy to say your vows under.
  2. Barn, country setting– rustic settings are charming–let nature be your ceremonial entertainment i.e. birds chirping, creek sounds or the neighs from a horse. Think blankets & bales of hay.
  3. City, regional or state park- lovely views, nearby shelter, and built-in BBQ pits, are just some of the perks here!
  4. Your backyard– All you need is room to roam and a beautiful focal point–perhaps that old weeping willow tree will do.

Keep in mind with any outdoor setting:

  • Check city or state regulations for any permits that you may need i.e. parking, fire, etc.
  • Are there safety issues to be concerned about? i.e. uneven grounds {disabled guests}, water {kids}
  • Is there a bathroom nearby?
  • Is there nearby shelter if it rains?
  • Check to see that your outdoor setting is ok with your officiant.
  • What rental items will you need? i.e. port-a-pottie, tent, tables, chairs, etc.

{Here’s a good resource article for outdoor weddings from The Knot}

2. Bed & Breakfast

Do you live in a resort, destination or an area claimed for its historical significance? Chances are, there is a bed and breakfast nearby that would be an ideal setting for a small wedding. These mansions or inns typically have lush grounds and grand rooms–wonderful photo opportunities. Ask the B&B if they have any wedding packages.


3. Local Hotel, Bar or Restaurant-
4. Cinema or Live Theater-
5. Community Center-
6. Church-
7. School-

Have a favorite establishment with loads of personality? Check to see how you can personalize the space to call it your own–get ideas and help from creative family and friends. Think outside the box … does your church or community center have a brand new room with gorgeous lighting, a beautiful fireplace, etc? Lastly, always try to negotiate costs with vendors and those in chargethere is no harm in asking!

You have options!

Whether you’re having a small wedding or live in a small town, you probably have more options than you think to have that small, intimate dream wedding. Take a drive around your town and let your imagination take you for a ride. Let’s hear your ideas …


What are your venue choices?



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2 thoughts on “Small Wedding Venue Ideas

  1. I’ve always loved the B & B idea.  You can go small and super chic with beautiful back drops
    oxoxoxoxoxo from San FranciscoAmy

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