Sunflower Engagement Photos That Van Gogh Would Love!

Submitted by Heidi on Wednesday - October 7, 2015

Sunflower Engagement Photos In A Field of Happiness

Vincent van Gogh would love Kaitlyn and Travis' sunflower engagement photos--so full of charm and energy. Like being surrounded by thousands of smiley faces, these two couldn't look happier in this field of sun-seeking flowers. The cheeriness is contagious too, isn't it?! You can't help but smile and get your happy on. Enjoy the sweetness of this sunflower-filled, sunshine-y sesh from Nicolette Sessin.

Sunflowers Make the Perfect Wedding Flower {don't you think?}

  • symbolize adoration and loyalty
  • great complement to a rustic or country style
  • can be easily combined with other flowers to raise the chic factor
  • they're so cheery! {they literally seek out the sun}

Fall engagement photos in a field of sunflowers

Kansas sunflower field engagement session

Hiding behind huge sunflowers

Fun engagement photo in sunflower field

Unique engagement ring shot on a sunflower

Sunflower field engagement photo

Sunset engagement photo in a field of sunflowers

Sunset engagement photos in a Kansas sunflower field


Photographer: Nicolette Sessin | via Two Bright Lights