LOVE outdoor weddings of all kinds... Beach... Garden... Park settings... Backyards... Vineyard... Rooftops... Our wedding ceremony was held outdoors on an old mill site close to the river and it was so fabulous hearing the gentle sound of the creek below... the birds... and feel the sun and the breeze. And, since it was in such a gorgeous spot~ we let nature take care of the decorations. In this...Read more
It was 62 years ago this month that the bikini made its debut in Europe. However, the navel wasn't publicly paraded on America's beaches, until the 1960's. Think Elvis movies and Beach Blanket Bingo. I still haven't figured how bikinis get continually more expensive when there's less and less of it every year... Oh well. Need another suit for that destination honeymoon or to welcome the dog days...Read more
Soothing Blue Our new Truly Yours folded wedding invitations are a great addition. I love this particular invitation for it's flexible, vintage-y feel... Lots of room to tell your love story or ~share your favorite verse or poem ~use the space for guest information ~reception information ~your monogram ~personal photo I could spend so much of my day on Etsy . If you've never been or are looking...Read more