St. Paddy's Day is here! Bright greens, shiny golds, rainbows, leprechauns, dancing a little jig ... the list goes on with Irish imagery and traditions. And believe it or not, there is a way to incorporate the Irish spirit into an elegant St. Patrick's Day wedding event that's full of sophistication and class. Well, get excited. Because a fantastic team of Topeka, Kansas-area wedding vendors put...Read more
Happy Christmas Week! I hope you are ready for the big holiday weekend ahead. It's the most wonderful time of the year! And the perfect time to take in a delightful Christmas tree farm engagement shoot in chilly Minnesota. The cute couple are Cody and Paige. They're an outdoors-loving couple who met in college. Paige is a cold weather fan from California and wanted to head to a cooler climate. So...Read more
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Need a few fast and easy centerpieces for your holiday gatherings this season? Well gather up your best hurricane vases, bowls and martini glasses ... And with the following ideas + a little creativity of your own, you can DIY your holiday tables into looking festive, fresh and colorful this season! 10 Easy Décor Ideas for the Holidays #1. Candle + Peppermint Candies in a Hurricane Vase Simply...Read more
I remember our first * official * Christmas together after getting married and realizing that we'd be signing our cards that year as husband and wife. We were a family! Me and him. I have to admit ... it was a big deal for me. Congratulations newlyweds! Your first *official* holiday together is well, pretty awesome. Are you excited for this milestone? Have you thought about your holiday cards yet...Read more
When you're in love, every day is Valentine's Day! Although it might be a little too early to celebrate the holiday, it's always the right time to celebrate love! Check out Mimi and Ben's Valentine's Day- inspired love shoot from Christi Falls Photography . This fun couple wanted to celebrate the holiday their way. So how did they do it? They put on their funnest clothes--embellished with bow...Read more
In honor of the Fourth of July, we'll be exploring a few different red, white, and blue color combinations for today's Color Monday . Using Effortless Emblem wedding program design , these patriotic colors can be applied in all sorts of unique ways and on different wedding programs or wedding invitation templates. Let's see what fun options there are for the Fourth! Obviously we must start with a...Read more
We've been taking a look at military-inspired events this week as a precursor to Memorial Day --the sobering U.S. holiday where we remember and honor our fallen soldiers. Interestingly, our customer care rep, Nancy, is able to trace an ancestor all the way back to the American Revolutionary War. Are you in the military? A firefighter? In law enforcement? We salute you! And if you are looking for...Read more
Is your mom just plain awesome? Tell us about it ... Brag about her smile or her selflessness. Give props to her unconditional love, wisdom or wild side. Download and share Mother & Daughter free wallpaper with your mom! Download and share Vintage Typewriter free wallpaper with your mom! How to download these wallpapers: Find out what screen resolution your monitor is : 1. Go into Control...Read more
Cheers! Happy post Cinco de Mayo. If you didn't treat yourself to any of the festivities yesterday, let today's Color Monday be a refreshing reminder. Let's personalize three wedding invitations in the spirited colors from the culture and holiday. Citrus Cool Personalizing the Classic Lace Wedding Invitation design in a bold lime green is a fun, lively and trendy combo. The lace design relates...Read more