What Does a Modern Wedding Invitation Look Like?

Sep 4 2014

Don’t you just love the freedom found in the look and feel of modern wedding invitations? We sure do. Personality and playfulness is allowed to shine through when there isn’t a set of stringent rules in wording or color to follow. I’ve received 3...
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Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Jul 26 2012

invitation wording ideas
As you know, wording the wedding invitation no longer follows a linear path–it curves along life’s unique circumstances and family dynamics. And as you’re trying to get the etiquette part right, you’re also trying to infuse your wording with style...
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Top 5 Questions: Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Sep 7 2011

Modern weddings enjoy lots and lots of freedom these days- no longer adhering to the hard and fast rules of days gone by. While often told by older generations, many couples still like to know basic etiquette regarding their wedding...
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Wedding Poems

Jun 29 2011

Love and poetry have always gone hand in hand. Are you considering including a poem of some sort in your ceremony, on your invitation or program? From contemporary to classic, here are a few not-so-sappy and hard to understand love...
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