Reception Only Wording

Reception Only Invitation Wording
Reception Only Invitation Wording (Post Wedding) We've been getting questions lately regarding " reception only" invitation wording. Why is this? Here are a few reasons why couples might need this type of post wedding invitation wording. theirs is a destination wedding and the reception is at a later date desiring a small, private ceremony --but a large reception immediately afterward or later...Read more
reception invitation wording
We recently received this "reception wording" question from a bride-to-be with a couple questions regarding her unique reception situaiton: "Hey! So we're having a DIY wedding! ...The parking for my venue is actually in a different location and we'll be having a shuttle transport guests to the reception from the ceremony venue. The reception is following, but it will be a late reception. Also,...Read more
Let's paint a couple of pictures ... one of a beach destination wedding and another of a private wedding ceremony that includes a bride, a groom, and their closest family and friends. They could be getting married in some far-off distant and tropical land--or they could be right around the corner at a tiny church or at city hall. How do you word the invitation for a beach destination wedding? How...Read more