5 RSVP Wording Samples

Mar 28 2013

RSVP wording. It seems to stump many a bride and groom but the RSVP wording is a place that you and your guests can have a lot of fun interacting with–specifically the accept/decline lines. And who knows, guests may even respond...
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Adults-Only Wedding Wording

Aug 3 2012

Adults-Only Wedding Wording How do you tell guests that their kids are NOT invited to your wedding? This no-kid conundrum seemed to be the stickiest wording situation Tim and I came across while making our wedding invitations. I read articles and...
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Response Card Wording

Oct 6 2011

I’m a big fan of using fun and creative RSVP wording–especially for showcasing the spirit of a wedding. While RSVPs serve a very practical and much-needed purpose–getting an accurate guest count–why not incorporate a bit of fun into them as...
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Anatomy of an RSVP Card + Wording

Jun 8 2011

The great thing about modern weddings- is that you’re encouraged, now more than ever, to put your thumbprints on each area of your wedding. Not in a high pressure, outdo your cousin’s wedding sort of way … and not in...
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