I love this wedding shot by the fun and talented Isabel March of Isabel March Photography . And, because Isabel is the aunt of the bride, we have insider information on all the exquisite details! Details that are inspired and bring a tear to my eye because they are born out of love and tradition. The passing down of heirlooms and customs that connect families, bridge generations and bring loved...Read more
I'm so excited to introduce this pretty pretty Minnesota wedding shot by the photography talent... Patrick Clancy of Patrick Clancy Photography . I'm so impressed with Patrick's seeming ability to be everywhere at once and at his marvelous attention to detail. LOVE this color scheme... so energetic and fun, featuring lots of orchid with black, silver and bright green accents. Enjoy all the color...Read more
This incredibly cool California wedding was shot by NYC-based wedding photographer and media artist Robert Sukrachan. The simple elegance of this celebration leaves me with a craving to head west. And her bouquet of succulents... amazing! The photos were taken at an old "western" movie set and the reception... at a local "honky tonk" Enjoy. Thanks for sharing Robert! Check out Robert's blog for...Read more
Today's really pretty wedding was shot by Paul Swanson of Paul Swanson Photography and offering a glimpse into the wedding and sharing some of the fun and inspiring details like color scheme and DIY projects~ is our lovely bride, Teri. "Our color choices were fuchsia and taupe. The girls wore fuchsia dresses and the guys wore the taupe vests. We had sort of a monogram design element throughout...Read more
Here are just a few captivating images from Sonya and Janssen's spring wedding ~ featured on The Brides Cafe . The softness, the colors, the textures, the sweet sophistication... stunning and I couldn't help but want to share them with you all! Awww.. the joy! sigh... isn't she lovely? the hydrangeas, the cardigan, the bike... love it all! Beautiful Images by Kate Headley PhotographyRead more
Today's real wedding was shot by the dynamic and fabulously talented Scarlett Lillian of Scarlett Lillian Photography . I find this wedding so compelling... the couple is stunningly beautiful and I get this sort of bohemian-chic feel. I love how the lighting combines with the landscape, affecting each shot making the colors just POP~ almost electric! But mostly, I see a man and woman in love,...Read more