22 Top Father-Daughter Dance Songs

May 17 2013

father daughter dance songs
Not in any particular order of importance, here are 22 popular father-daughter dance songs. Right now, I think my favorite is Edwin McCain’s Walk With You. I feel like I wouldn’t be bawling my head off with this song–yet it...
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Wedding Bouquet Toss: In or Out?

Nov 29 2012

wedding bouquet toss
  The wedding bouquet toss might be a timeless tradition but nevertheless, its popularity is waning. Should it stay for posterity’s sake or is this ancient practice seeing its last days? Why do we toss the wedding bouquet anyway? The...
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Truly Engaged: Registering Outside the Box

Jun 1 2012

Wedding Registry Gift ideas
I’m getting married! Now what? Truly Engaged is a new blog series written by Rachel, our *newly engaged* staff writer. As she wades her way through the wedding planning process, she’ll be sharing some of the emotions, inspiration, and insight she uncovers...
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12 Popular Wedding Flowers +Tips

Aug 10 2011

Most Popular Wedding Flowers & How to Choose Ah, the language of flowers … and it seems that since time began, they’ve been rich in symbolism and of course, romance. I’ve always been intrigued with the women of the Victorian...
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