8 Content Ideas for Your Wedding Programs

Feb 2 2012

MagnetStreet’s Wedding Programs are available in 12 shapes and sizes–all easily personalized–from front to back and side to side–with your colors, photos, fonts and wording! We think Wedding Programs are an important part of your wedding stationery! Here’s why … First impressions count! More than...
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Wedding Poems

Jun 29 2011

Love and poetry have always gone hand in hand. Are you considering including a poem of some sort in your ceremony, on your invitation or program? From contemporary to classic, here are a few not-so-sappy and hard to understand love...
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Wedding Invitation Wording

Sep 17 2010

It’s “Wedding Invitation Wording” round-up today! Find below links to past posts highlighting wording suggestions for unique situations. Hopefully, this compilation will be a useful reference and even a source of inspiration to you. Sticky stuff … find here invitation...
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