To the Beach!

Nov 7 2008

I’m terribly distracted right now.  That is because it was just snowing here.  Big fat flakes falling from an unforgiving sky and beckoning onlookers to venture out of doors to throw open their arms and stick out their tongues.  Indeed, it’s beautiful but it’s also serving as a reminder of what is to come.  Now, my boss just came over and is quite delighted with these elements because he is a lover of all things hockey.  But, all I can think of is the pending frigid and ruthless temperatures that will soon descend upon us.

Let me remove those cold thoughts from your mind and inspire you with an inspiration board that boasts of warmth, romance and adventure.

Having a destination wedding where you will soon be barefoot, watching sunsets, listening to the pounding surf, hiking volcanoes, and snorkeling over stunning coral reef?

One resource that may interest you is Best Destination Weddings, a community where you can join in on forums on all the destinations, check out beautiful pictures and talk with other brides going to your destination.

Is it snowing by you?  Are you already dreaming of warmer places?

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Some like it cold, some like it hot. How about you?

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