Top 12 Best Man Duties

Apr 25 2011

You’ve been asked to be BEST MAN … CONGRATULATIONS! {Now what?}

Are you wondering what the Best Man duties consist of? Easy. Just have the groom’s back at all times ~ from planning and organizing til he and his lovely bride leave your site at the reception.

See, that wasn’t so bad. But, for specific duties, check out the top 12 below.

responsibilities for Best Man

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Top 12 Best Man Duties

1. Supervise the other groomsmen. Keep them organized, showing up to fittings, etc.

2. Organize the bachelor’s party.

3. Attend all the functions: wedding rehearsal and dinner, parties in which the wedding party is invited.

4. Prepare your “Best Man” reception speech.

5. Keep the groom calm, organized and on time on wedding day.

6. Hold on to the bride’s wedding ring.

7. Make sure the groom has the marriage license {you will be signing it}.

8. Know how to tie your tie and pin your boutonniere {and perhaps the other groomsmen too}.

9. Transport guests to and from the airport- if needed.

10. Deliver the fee to the officiate.

11. Decorate the getaway ride- with a little help from your wedding party friends.

12. Be available. Be a best friend.

What do you think of these responsibilities? Which will be the most challenging?

Image source: Woodlands Photography

Source: consulted The New Book of Wedding Etiquette


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2 thoughts on “Top 12 Best Man Duties

  1. One of the most important jobs for the best man before the wedding is making sure all the groomsmen have their tuxedos fitted properly. You’ll also want to check in with these guys and make sure they have all the accessories they’ll need.

    From the right shoes to the perfect cuff links, you can really help the groom by keeping an eye on all the guys and helping them look their best on the big day.

  2. When it comes to men’s formal wear, the best man should oversee that all the guys have done the necessary steps obtaining their tuxedos (applies to both renting tuxedos or buying tuxedos).

    If the guys in the wedding party are renting tuxedos, the best man should double-check that all the guys in the wedding party have successfully submitted their measurements to the tuxedo rental store prior to the wedding. Obviously, the best man should also make sure that all the guys pick up their tuxedos prior to the wedding. Lastly, the best man should also oversee that all the guys have successfully returned their tuxedos to the rental store after the wedding. Often times, tuxedo stores will charge a late fee if the tuxedos are not returned on time.

    If the guys are buying tuxedos, the best man should make sure that all the guys have purchased their tuxedos prior to the event. Also, the best man should double check that all the guys have completed any necessary alterations to the garments.

    A relatively easy way for the best man to accomplish this task is by sending out a few text messages or placing a few phone calls reminding the guys of that needs to be done.

    Although the bride or groom could oversee the task of making sure the guys have their tuxedos, it is recommended that the best man take the initiative and let the bride and groom know that he will take care of overseeing the tuxedo arrangements.

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