Top 5 Save the Date Questions Answered

Feb 8 2011

Read below the top 5 questions we get about the how, why and what of Save the Dates.

Save the Date Magnets and Cards

1. Do we need to send Save the Dates?
In other words, are Save the Dates part of some strict code of wedding stationery etiquette? No, they are not. BUT, if you are planning a destination wedding, a spring/summer wedding {high vacation months} or around a holiday, then sending Save the Dates become a practicality as well as a courtesy. They allow your guests, the gift of time to prepare, plan and save.

2. When do we send Save the Dates?
Send Save the Dates anywhere from 6-12 months ahead of your wedding date. And, the sooner the better –  if you are asking your guests to make travel arrangements, take time off of work or plan around a holiday as we mentioned above.

3. What do we include on our Save the Dates?
Include any information that will help your guests to plan for your big day! Some of the biggies include: your wedding date, your wedding website, travel and accommodations info {phone numbers, website info…} Save the Dates are also supposed to be FUN! Make them pop with personality by including your favorite photos, wedding colors and unique wording. Choose a design that’s flexible enough to include everything you want and need your Save the Date to be!

4. Do we send Save the Dates to everyone we know?
No. No. No. Save the Dates are only sent to those you plan to invite to your wedding. If you are not planning to invite everyone at work, do not ask them to Save your Date.

5. Does our Save the Date have to match our wedding invitation?
It’s up to you! About half of our couples choose to coordinate their Save the Dates with the look of their wedding invitations, while the other half use them as simply a fun opportunity to spread the word, introduce their fiance'{e} and have a blast showing off their personalities.

Save the Dates from MagnetStreet Weddings

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How about you? Any other questions about Save the Dates you would like answered?


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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Save the Date Questions Answered

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  2. If you have a formal list that you are planning to send invitations to, do you have to send them all save the dates…ie if some are not out of town and already know about the wedding because its local?

  3. Hi Ang,
    You don’t have to send save the dates to everyone. However, I would recommend sending them to your out of town guests for sure. Regarding your local guests: if you only send save the dates to some of them {and not all}, the ones who do not get one might get confused and even hurt feelings. SO, unless you’re sending save the dates to ALL of your local guests, I would recommend not sending to them to any. Let me know if you have more questions!

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  5. Hi Carol! You can presume that 75% of invited guests will reply back with a “yes.” Keep in mind the number of people per save the date (a family of 5 vs. a single friend). Factors that may sway the “75% yes” rule is the time of year (summer weddings may have less “yes” responses due to summers being a busy time of year), how far out you send out save the dates, and the wedding location/distance traveled for guests. Good luck!

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