Tuxedo Accessories

Jan 7 2008

Grooms, how will you and your merry men be set apart with a unique look?
I’ll go ahead and assume you won’t be sporting accessories like this fellow…
There are other ways to use tuxedo trimmings to achieve the look you want. You can stay traditional or move towards the outside of the box. For example…shop antique stores for vintage cufflinks or handkerchiefs.
What about diy? Go to your nearest craft store for a pattern or use the step by step directions found here at HGTV and make your cummerbunds and bow ties.  Choose a pattern and fabric and make your own statement. Cool!
(Can you see getting the guys together on some Friday night with 3 sewing machines and going at it lol?!)
If you need some more ideas or simply want to throw tradition out the window, check out this line at Dann Clothing that features cummerbund and tie sets that are just plain FUN! These sets would be great for themed weddings or to draw on a certain characteristic. For example there is a sailboat pattern for the nautical kind of guy, or for the connoisseur type, a set with vineyard vines, grapes and wine glasses. Oh, there are even pink elephants and alligators for the animal lovers.
Of course, accessories do not stop with cufflinks, cummerbunds and ties; you can also set yourself apart with distinctive footwear, buttons, vest, hat, gloves, cane, etc. And, if your bride isn’t too keen on this non-traditional accessorizing idea, you could have a second set for fun at the reception….
What is setting you apart?  Let’s hear your ideas.

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