12 Days of Giveaways: Day 8

Dec 19 2012

We’re already on the 8th day of our giveaway … enter below for your chance to WIN $100 toward your wedding stationery.


12 Days of Giveaways: MagnetStreet


Enter Day 8!

1. The very best part of Christmas is ___________!

2. What are your wedding colors and how did you decide on them?



The Rules…

1. One randomly-chosen winner a day
2. A winner can only win once throughout the 12 days
3. Enter once a day

Day Winner: Congratulations Courtney!


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37 thoughts on “12 Days of Giveaways: Day 8

  1. 1. My favorite part of the holidays is spending quality time with my family (and my soon-to-be family!). We live far away from most of our relatives, so I always look forward to traveling home. I can’t think of anything better than a room full of loved ones, sharing jokes, stories and of course, delicious FOOD!

    2. My wedding colors are navy, blush pink, grey and white. Love the symbolism of blue and pink (man and woman) combined. It’s the colors I’ve always dreamed of, so the choice was easy!

  2. 1. The best part of Christmas is spending quality time with the ones I love as we go pick out a Christmas tree and all of the decorations for the holiday season!
    2.My wedding colors are blush bink, ivory, and gold. I love the elegance of these colors and have seen great floral arrangements and reception ideas with the three combined. Pink is also my favorite color:)

  3. 1. Seeing family and doing our traditions.
    2. Dark purple and orange! I saw a picture of a wedding that had dark purple dresses and orange flowers, and I thought it was gorgeous. Though, it has to be just the right purple and just the right orange to go together. The wrong shades of those together can look pretty gross…

  4. 1. The best part of Christmas is taking a break from the fast paced world we live in and taking time to enjoy being with friends and family. I also love a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fire while watching classic Christmas movies.

    2. Midnight and marigold (navy and yellow) – I picked these colors because I have always adored the way the yellow pops against the navy. Yellow is a beautiful summer color and navy blue compliments my blue eyes. I also wanted to do something different from the 36 weddings we have been to and/or in since my fiance and I started dating. 🙂 Our wedding on June 22 will be number 40! :-0

  5. The best part about Christmas is have a long break ( I’m a teacher 🙂 ), holiday parties, & spending time with family. Our wedding colors are navy blue with fushia accents. I have always love this color combination!

  6. Being with my girls, and my colors are Tiffany Blue and Watermelon… I wanted something fun and something that really popped!

  7. Best part of Christmas is the giving! I love watching friends and families open presents I gave them.

    My wedding colors are Navy, Hot Pink and Apple Green. Navy an pink are my favorite colors, and green is my husband to be’s!

  8. 1) The Christmas Spirit. Everyone has something in common to celebrate during this time.
    2) They’re whatever my bride wants them to be but I’m leaning toward camo green and hunter orange. We’ll see how far I get with that.

  9. 1. Getting to see my family (only get to see them once or twice a year right now).
    2. Royal blue and yellow – we both liked blue and wanted something bright and cheery. Yellow gerberas against the blue bridesmaid dresses is going to look great.

  10. 1. Seeing family and friends!
    2. Our wedding colors are pink and green because they are my love’s sorority colors.

  11. 1. Holiday baking and being able to share all the goodies with those closest to me!

    2. My wedding colors are hot pink and navy blue. We decided on the basically because we wanted to do something different. We are getting married at a castle and thought the navy looked very royal. Pink has always been my favorite color and gives a little of the princessy feel without being over the top.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  12. Spending like with my entire family! And eating. I like to eat 🙂
    Our colors are black and white with red accents. Polka dots… sorta rock a billy if you will. Not sure how we decided on them. Just wanted something fun.

  13. 1. The very best part of Christmas is being around family
    2. What are your wedding colors and how did you decide on them? Blue and WHite, My soon to be husband is Scottish and I am greek and both flags are blue and white!

  14. 1- Family for sure! We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas going back and forth to our family celebrations.
    2- Black, blue and silver. Blue is my favorite color, and I think black looks sharp with it and silver gives a little extra bling! 🙂

  15. 1. Giving gifts! I love seeing people’s reactions when they get something they really need or want.
    2. My colors are dark purple with teal and white. I basically rejected all the other colors for one reason or another and this is what was left. I am happy with it.

  16. 1. Introducing my future husband to my family’s traditions, experiences his, and starting our own

    2. Black, pink and gold. I wanted something elegant, but black and white is too traditional for me so I opted for pink instead. Our venue space had gold accents so I wanted compliment them rather than clash colors.!

  17. 1. Shopping for other people.
    2. Canary yellow and platinum, the colors mimic my canary diamond engagement ring.

  18. 1) Spending time with family and the joy of giving!
    2) Navy blue and ivory with fall accents (orange, yellow, red)- we are having a late September wedding in New England.

  19. 1. The very best part of Christmas is having Christmas dinner with the family then playing games afterwards.

    2. Our wedding colors are blush, cream, and gold.

  20. 1) The very best part of Christmas is being with family and seeing their faces when they open their gifts! 🙂
    2) Our wedding colors are purple and grey. We both love the color purple and knew we didn’t want green as our second accent and liked how a light grey looks with purple.

  21. The very best part of Christmas is that our world remembers to be kinder to each other for a little while 🙂
    Our wedding colors are coral, silver and white. I don’t know how we decided… it just seemed right!

  22. 1. The very best part of Christmas is seeing family that we don’t get to see often!
    2. Our wedding colors are navy with accents of yellow. We wanted something that would compliment sunflowers.

  23. The best part about Christmas for me is spending time with my little brother. He is in NY and I live in VA. It’s so nice to spend time together and reconnect. I love this kid so much.
    My color is green….decided before the color of the year came out. Green is just my favorite color and I always knew that would be it. Most likely with black and gray!

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